Adding a New Film

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Adding New Films

This section will explain how to add films to RTS. Before films can be scheduled, they must first be added to your database. For efficiency and to utilize all available features, please use the Internet Film List when adding your films.

This section is divided into two parts:

  • How to Add Films
  • Explaining Each Tab

How to Add Films

The film list can be accessed by navigating in RTS to Setup -> Films. Films can be added directly through the Show Scheduler, accessed by Actions -> Schedule -> Showtimes New Scheduler and selecting the "Films" button.

SU Films.PNG          Actions Sched NewSched.PNG

1) From the Film list, select "Add", or from the Scheduler, click the "Films" button and select "Add".

2) The Film Information window will prompt.


3) To add a film, select "Internet Film List". This is an RTS compromised database of past, current, and future films with information pertaining to film information, synopsis, and Digital Signage Content. See Setting Up Digital Signage for more information.


4) Select your film you would like to add from the film list. You may search for the film using the search bar. The film list will shorten as you type.

5) Once you have your film selected, click "OK".

6) The Internet Film List will now populate some of the information in the fields.

SU Films List.PNG

7) Please enter the length in minutes and the ratings. This will sometimes be available depending on if the rating was public when the movie was entered into the database.

8) If you are utilizing a feature that requires a film code, press Generate or Find.

Tabs Explained

General Tab

SU Films GenTab.PNG

Title- Title of the Film.

Display Title- Title that will display online, reports, and selling screen, if not using graphic film buttons.

Length in Minutes- Length of performance. This will not be included when using the Internet Film List.

Website- Can provide link to film's official website, etc.

Film Codes - RTS- Film codes generated for anyone that pulls the RTS schedule.

Film Codes - Film codes for

Film Codes - CS- Film codes for Webedia.

Story Code- The code assigned to the Movie itself. It encompasses all types of that movie, for example 3D, Sensory friendly, etc.

Start Date- When the movie is scheduled to start being shown.

Ending Date- The last day the movie will be available to be shown.

Display Display the film on

Sell Allow sales on Movie

Display on Kiosk- Film will be available for kiosk sales.

RTN Website- Will display and sell on the RTS provided website, known as the RTN.

RTN Sell- Sell on RTS provided website, known as the RTN page.

Rentrak Transfer- Report to Rentrak.

Showtime Display- Show in Digital Signage boards.

Settings Tab

SU Films SettingsTab.PNG

The Settings Tab enables settings for the film that will apply to all performances unless specifically noted on the performance. If you are scheduling a 3D film, the internet film list should automatically check the 3D box.

Note: The settings tab is where you will set ADA requirements available for the performance.

Distributor Tab

SU Films DIstTab.PNG

The Distributor Tab associates a film to a studio for reporting purposes.

  • Highlight the film in the list.
  • This list populates from your Address Book. If you do not see the desired studio, select "Add".
  • This will prompt your address book to add the Distributor.

Synopsis Tab

SU Films SynTab.PNG

RTS will populate information for the movie on your selling screen and the kiosk when information is provided under the Synopsis tab. When using the Internet Film List, this information will import automatically.

Content Tab

SU Films ContentTab.PNG

The content tab populates graphics for your selling screen and also digital signage content. When using the internet film list, no additional action needs to happen here. If for some reason content does not download the first time, or it needs to be changed, you can download the content by following the directions below.

  • Select "Internet Film List".
  • Choose your film using the search bar.
  • The content available to download will appear in the window.
  • Select "Download All". The content will begin downloading.

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