Advertising Displays

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1) Select Setup -> Advertising Display from the menu. Select "Edit Programs" to display the ad display program setup window.

SU AdvDisplay.PNG          SU AdvDisplay EditProg.PNG

2) Select "Import Images" to appear in Available Frames. These images can be selected from your computer. From here, you can highlight an image and press "Add" on the desired Frame(s) (Main Screen Frames, Additional Selling Frames, and/or Closed Frames) you would like it to appear in.

Su AdvDisplay EditProg ImportImage.PNG

3) Click on "Add New Program". You will be prompted to name your program.

SU AdvDisplay EditProg AddNewProgram.PNG

4) Click "Save".

5) Navigate to: Setup NOTE: Once all images are Added and Saved, you MUST Restart your software. The images will not appear if this step is not completed.