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To configure RTS App settings go to Setup -> Ready Ticket Network -> App Configuration

Main Settings


  • Mobile Payment Types -

Here, you can enable payment from Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • Other -

These settings will allow you to disable single seat warnings on the app, set the time interval at which online sales are cut off for a showtime, and set a limit of how many tickets can be purchased in each transaction.


At this tab, you can enable payment from Square. You will need to following information, Provided by Square:

Application ID
Location ID 
Access Token

For Adjustment Item, Internet Fee is typically used and is assigned by default.


These are fees that are charged when customers purchase tickets through the app.

Line Item Display Text - A summary of the fee 
Line Item Description - This will appear after expanding the information window on the mobile app. 
Fee amount - The price of the fee
Fee Item - The item used to balance out the register during online transactions. Commonly set to Internet Fee


Ticket Fee

Per Ticket Fee

Transaction Fee

Per Transaction Fee

Minimum Fee

This is the minimum fee the customer must pay when making purchases through the app.

If Ticket Fee + Transaction Fee > Minimum Fee, THEN Minimum Fee is not charged
If Ticket Fee + Transaction Fee < Minimum Fee, THEN ONLY Minimum Fee is charged.

Sales Tax


Terms of Service