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What is an App Developer Account?

App Developer Accounts give you full control over your app and your users/customers. RTS requires access to this account to create your app and to manage feature additions and updates.

Some of our customers may have a pre-existing app from another app developer. In this case, they will need to transfer their old app over to us. Here are the steps for both Apple and Google app accounts:


1. Login to

2. Add a new user in the App Store Connect.

3. The user should be

4. Click invite

See the screenshot below for settings to enable:



1. Log in to:

2. Add the RTS management user:

3. Open the Google Play Console

  • Click the Settings menu entry, followed by API access
  • Click the CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT button

4. Follow the Google Developers Console link in the dialog, which opens a new tab/window:

  • Click the CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT button at the top of the Google Developers Console

5. Provide a Service account name - RtsUpload

  • Click Select a role and choose Service Accounts > Service Account User
  • Check the Furnish a new private key checkbox
  • Make sure JSON is selected as the Key type
  • Click SAVE to close the dialog

Make a note of the file name of the JSON file downloaded to your computer

6. Back on the Google Play Console, click DONE to close the dialog

  • Click on Grant Access for the newly added service account
  • Choose Release Manager (or alternatively Project Lead) from the Role dropdown. (Note that choosing Release Manager grants access to the production track and all other tracks. Choosing Project Lead grants access to update all tracks except the production track.)

7. Click ADD USER to close the dialog

8. Provide the JSON file that was downloaded to RTS.

See the screenshot below for settings to enable: