Assigning Custom Film Images

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This will allow you to replace movie images with new custom images.

Pre Setup

Before getting started you will need the new images and they will need to follow our recommended sizing.

Each movie image has recommended dimensions:
Poster Image: 1000px x 1500px
Title Image: 1500px x 1000px
Movie Button Image: 900px x 300px
Long Title Image: 1400px x 200px

Setting Up

Navigate to Setup -> Digital Signage -> Films .
DSign Films.png

  1. From the "Current Film List" menu on the left, select the film you wish to assign images to.
    (Note: If the desired film is not shown in the list try selecting the "Include Unscheduled Titles" checkbox at the bottom.)
    DSign Films CurrentFilmList.png

  2. Click on the "Assign" button beneath the desired image type. This will open a file explorer.
    (Note: Each image has recommended resolutions for images to be displayed correctly.)
    DSign Films FilmSettings.png

  3. Navigate to the location of the image, click the image, and select "Open".
  4. The new image will be displayed in the corresponding box. When done click "Close".

After these signs have been added it will take a bit before the signs will refresh to show the changes.
To speed the process up you can restart the internet server by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to File -> Other -> Switch To -> Internet Server.
    SwitchTo InternetServer.png

  2. Click "Restart Internet Server" and close the menu.

This will restart the internet server and force the signs to update.
(Note: Restarting the internet server is not the same as restarting the server.)