Automatic Seat Buffering

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To accommodate Social Distancing guidelines, an automatic Seat buffer has been added. This will allow you to set a number of seats to buffer at Setup -> Tickets -> Options. For example, if the buffer is set to 2 seats, then when a customer selects their seats online, in the app, at a kiosk, or at the selling screen, 2 seats will be blocked off to the right and left of the customer's selected seats, assuming they are not next to an aisle.


To set this feature up:

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Tickets -> Options


  2. Set the Seat Buffering Radio button to Seat Buffer in the upper right-hand corner of the window.
  3. Optionally, adjust the number of buffer seats added to either side of a selection with the Length box
  4. Press Save

After enabling this feature you will need to restart your internet server and restart RTS on any self serve kiosks you may have.

To Restart the Internet Server,

  1. Navigate to File -> Other -> Switch To -> Internet Server
  2. Press the Restart Internet Server button

In a minute, your internet ticketing page will come back up, and the seat buffer will be enabled

To Restart RTS on your Kiosk,

  1. Plug a keyboard into your Kiosk
  2. Press the Alt and F4 at the same time, to take you to the standard RTS logon screen
  3. Login to RTS
  4. Naviagte to File -> Other -> Restart Software
  5. Press the Yes button in the window that pops up

When your Kiosk comes back up the seat buffer will be enabled.