Bluetooth Bixolon SPP-R310 Setup

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Bluetooth Bixolon SPP-R310 Printer Setup:

Step 1: Uninstall ALL Bixolon drivers from the machine and restart the Windows OS.

Step 2: Download and install this driver or from the link below:

Step 3: Choose "COM 4" for the port type.

BixolonSPP R300.PNG

Step 4: After driver installation, make sure the printer is powered on without the error light flashing and restart the computer.

BixolonSPP R300 2.PNG

Step 5: After Windows reboots, open the Bluetooth adapter and select “Add Device”. Choose the SPP-R300 device, then enter the pairing code. The default code is “0000”.

BixolonSPP R300 3.PNG

(Device image may differ from image below, but will look very similar.)

Step 6: After pairing is successful, go to Control Panel and issue a test page. There should be two printer icons, one will be the Windows printer and the other will be the Bluetooth added printer. Issue the test page from the Windows printer.