Closing Early

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Certain circumstances, such as bad weather warrant closing early. The following article will walk you through how to handle this procedure, including dealing with refunds from both in-house and online sales.


If you are not already familiar with typical closing procedures, or voiding tickets, take a moment to review the following articles.

Voiding Showtimes

  • If there are customers in the theatre, who need to be refunded, simply Void the tickets on the selling screen, then hit exact change if giving cash, or Pay Credit if the money is going back on a card.
  • If you will not be voiding the tickets today, you may schedule past performances, then go to Menu -> Pick Date on the selling screen to void showtimes for previous or future dates to void.
  • Any online ticket purchases will require the customer's entire card number in order to put the funds back on it.

Finding Online Ticket Purchases

  • In order to find what tickets have been purchased online for the day(s), navigate to *Actions -> Advanced Ticket Search*. The same window can be found on the Selling Screen at *Menu -> Pickup Tickets -> Advanced Pickup Search*.
  • Next, select "More Options", filter by Performance date, then set your date range. After this, select "Load Data". This will load all online tickets purchased for all performances that were sold to during the date range selected.
  • You may now filter by title, or leave it as all titles.


  • The Copy Emails button will copy to your clipboard all email addresses that have purchased tickets for your date range / title selection.
  • The Export Sales button will export a spreadsheet of all the sales information available for each transaction, such as email address, ticket type, and more.