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[[File:SampleReportConcSalesVsInventory.png|300px|thumb|center|Sample Conc Sales Vs Inventory Report ]]
[[File:SampleReportConcSalesVsInventory.png|300px|thumb|center|Sample Conc Sales Vs Inventory Report ]]
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To view Sales vs Inventory report:

  1. Go to: Reports → Inventory → Conc Sales Vs. Inventory

  2. Select date range applicable
Note: Current day will only appear in report after a deposit close.


Breaking down the report:

Concession – Individual item, grouped by Subtotal
Begin – Count of each item at the beginning of the designated date range
Received – Total amount of item received or returned during the date range
Transf - Amount of items transfered out of the building during Receive or Return
Spoil – Total amount of item that went to waste during the date range
Adjust – Amount the count of an item was adjusted via “Correct Inventory”
Ending – Count of each item at the end of the desired date range.
Term – Quantity sold at a station
Phy – Quantity physically removed from inventory, calculated by Term - Adjust
Term Sold - “Term” multiplied by the item price
Inv Sold - “Phy” multiplied by the item price

Common Questions:

Why is my inv sold number negative?
Check if that item was adjusted. Positive adjustments assume the item was not sold and will reduce the inventory sold by it’s full retail price. Adjustments are created via Actions → Stock / Inventory → Correct Inventory.

How do I correct my inventory count without throwing off my Inv Sold?
Items received or returned will not count as inventory sold. They can be entered via Actions → Stock / Inventory → Receive or Return.

How do I hide Combo items which aren’t actually in inventory?
Under Setup → Concessions → Station items, verify that the item that should not show up on an inventory count is set up to “Stock From: Create” on the bottom. This will prevent a negative count of an item that shouldn’t appear in inventory.

Sample Report

Sample Conc Sales Vs Inventory Report

RD Crocker (talk) 18:07, 26 September 2018 (UTC)