Concession Item Scanning

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This article explains how to configure barcode scanning for concession items. Once configured, you will be able to add items to the register simply by scanning their barcode.

Scanner Configuration

  • In order to scan items in RTS, your barcode reader must be using a serial interface. The barcode scanner manufacturer will be able to provide more information on how to get your specific reader into the correct mode.

RTS recommends using the TEEMI 2D Barcode Scanner. Please see Teemi 2D Barcode Scanner for more information on where to buy and how to configure this reader.

  • Once your reader is in serial mode, you will need to determine what COM port it is being used on. This can be found in Device Manager under PORTS.


  • Once you have determined the port, you will need to assign the port in RTS at Setup -> Local Computer -> Barcode. The Barcode Reader Model will be "Serial Port" and Reader port will be the port listed in Device Manager.


Assigning Barcodes

  • Once you have configured your barcode reader, you will need to configure your concession items to link to specific barcodes. This can be done at Setup -> Concessions -> Configure Barcodes.


  • In the Main Item List, select the item that would like to assign a barcode to. Once you've selected the item, simply use your barcode scanner to scan the item. The barcode number will then appear, associated with the concession item selected.
  • Multiple Barcodes can be used for the same item, but the same barcode cannot be used for multiple items.
  • If you attempt to assign a previously assigned barcode, the software will prompt a warning and ask if you would rather assign that barcode to the new item. If you select yes, this will unassigned the barcode from the previous item and assign it to the new one instead.

Scanning Concession Items


  • After your items have been assigned a barcode, you will be able to scan them in either the ticket or concession screen in the selling interface.
  • Simply scan the item's barcode to ring it into the register.

Note:This method of concession selling does not require your items to be added to the touchscreen, but they must be configured for the station at Setup -> Concessions -> Station Items. See General Item Setup and Configuration