Concessions Troubleshooting

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Common Concession Item Problems and Troubleshooting Steps

Item selling at the incorrect price?

The price has changed. First make sure that the price was not changed intentionally.

If it was not, please go to: Setup -> Concessions -> Items.

SU Conc Items.PNG

Select the name of the item.

Go to "Edit".

Type in the correct price.

Select "Save".

Item not on touchscreen?

To add an item onto the touchscreen layout go to:

Setup -> Concessions -> Touchscreen Layout -> Employee Station

  • Choose the station that you wish to sell the item on.

SU Concessions TouchScreenLayout EmployeeStation.PNG

  • Highlight the item on the concession list then select an empty square on the touchscreen.

Not able to switch to the ticket selling screen?

Go to: Setup -> Concessions -> TouchScreen Layout -> Employee Station.

SU Concessions TouchScreenLayout EmployeeStation.PNG

Choose the station number that this is happening on. Highlight tickets from the concession list and select on a blank square. The upper right hand corner square works very well. You may select "Save As" and save as the other stations and close when you are done.

Item not found in Station X / Stockroom X?

Take note of the station the item was being sold on and the station that the item was not found in.

Then go to: Setup -> Concessions -> Station Items.


Change “Current Station” to the station number that this item was being sold on when you got the error. Find the item in the station item list and select it. The item setting should in most cases be set to selling. The "Stock From" setting should be set to where this item is stocked from; generally this will be "Stockroom1". Verify that these settings are correct. If these settings are not correct, please correct them and try to sell the item again.

If these settings were correct, change the current station to the station / stockroom that this item is set to stock from. Verify that the item setting is inventory and the stock from is correct for Stockroom1, this will be “Create”. If these items were incorrect, please correct and try to re-sell the item.

If the item is still giving you an error, and it is a combo item, please go to Setup -> Concessions -> Modifier.

SU Conc Modifier.PNG

Change the station number to the station you are getting this error on and choose the main item that this item is a part of. Select the item in the sub item list and make sure that the stock from is set to the correct place. Please do this for all of the main items that this item is a part of. Select "Save" when you are finished and try to sell the item again.