Configuring Loyalty Cards

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This page discusses the configuration and features of the RTS loyalty program.

Ordering Loyalty Cards

See Ordering Mag Cards for instructions on how to order Loyalty cards.

Configuring Points

Configuring Concession Items to Earn Points

First, ensure you have enabled Concessions Items earning points by going to Setup -> Mag Cards -> Bonus Points -> Concessions and making sure Enable Concession Points is checked. You can also set the number of points earned per dollar spent on concession items with the Points Per Dollar field.

Rts magcards bonuspoints concessions.png

NOTE: The points per dollar field applies to all concession items, and is the only way of setting this.

To enable items to earn points,

1) Navigate to Setup -> Concessions -> Items.


2) Highlight an item and click "Edit".

3) Check the box labeled Earn Points and select "Save".

4) Repeat for every concession item that can earn points.

Enabling Tickets Types to Earn Points

1) Navigate to Setup –> Tickets –> Price.

SU Tickets Price.JPG

2) Highlight the desired price category and click "Edit"

3) Highlight the ticket type you would like to earn points.

4) In the box labeled Reward Points (located towards the center under the enable checkboxes), designate how many points the ticket should earn. This is a customized amount.

5) Repeat for all ticket types that can earn rewards.

Rts tickets Price.png

Adding Rewards

Adding Concession Rewards

1) Navigate to Setup -> Mag Cards -> Bonus Points.

MagCard bonusPonts rewardTab.png

2) Select "Reward" tab.

3) Click "Add".

4) Enter "Level" to earn the reward, i.e. "50".

5) Select "Concessions" in Pop Up.

6) Choose the item that will receive the reward.

7) Enter the number of days the reward will expire, "0" for never.

8) "Save" and "Close".

Adding Ticket Rewards

Navigate to Setup -> Mag Cards -> Bonus Points and click on the rewards tab.

Check if the ticket type you want is available in the Bonus Ticket Type box. If not, you can add it by:

  1. Clicking Add under Bonus Ticket Type.
  2. Selecting the ticket category your ticket is in.
  3. Selecting your ticket type.
  4. Clicking Yes.

Once your ticket has been added in the Bonus Ticket Type box, you can add the ticket as a reward by:

  1. Clicking Add under Rewards.
  2. Entering the number of points needed to redeem the ticket.
  3. Selecting Tickets
  4. Entering the number of days before the reward expires. If you want the reward to never expire, enter 0.

Setting up Registration rewards

In RTS navigate to: Setup -> Mag Cards -> Bonus Points -> Registration Rewards.

This feature will automatically add the configured items to the card after the registration has been completed.

  • Navigate to: Setup -> Mag Cards -> Bonus Points.
  • Select the "Registration Rewards" tab.
  • Select the item you wish to add to the card.
  • Select the Start Date Offset. (Set this to zero to allow the item to be available immediately.)
  • Select the End Date Offset. (Set this to zero if no expiration date is necessary.)
  • Press "Add Item".
  • Press "Save".


  • The "Hour" option on the start date offset will add the configured number of hours to the registration time. This will prevent the item from being redeemed until after this time.
  • The "Days" option on the start date offset will add the configured number of Days to the current day with hours removed.

(Example: If a card is registered on 1/1/18 6:30p with a one day start offset, then the item will be available for redemption on 1/2/18 12:00a.)

  • The end date offset will add the configured number of days to the start date. Similar to the setting mentioned above.
  • These rewards are not retroactively added to previously registered cards. They will only be added to cards that are registered after the rewards have been configured.


Setting Up a Membership Discount

See Membership Discount Setup for instructions on how to set up discounts on items when a loyalty card is added to the purchase.

Registering Loyalty Members

  • From the "Selling Screen", select desired "Station Number", if applicable
  • Navigate to Menu –> Register Card.
  • Enter the desired information, then select "Register Card".
  • Cards can also be registered under Setup -> Mag Cards -> Register Card.

NOTE: To expedite the process, you may scan or swipe a driver's license. However, this is dependent on the state's driver's license.


Redeeming Rewards

  • When completing transactions, the employee will associate the loyalty card with the transaction by selecting on the RTS selling screen "Enter Card". This is the same procedure as entering a gift card.
  • When the card is added to the tended window, their available points will display along with their lifetime points (EXAMPLE: 50/150)
  • If they have a reward available to redeem, the reward will display in the window.
  • The employee then can select the item to redeem from the selling screen as they would normally sell the item.
  • A dialogue box will prompt asking the employee signaling they have a reward available and if they would like to redeem.
  • If they choose yes, the reward will then be removed from the card and money will not be expected from the drawer.
  • If they are not ringing up any additional items, select "exact change", or continue the transaction as needed.

Additional Loyalty Features

Online Features

1) To Enable, navigate to Setup –> Ready Ticket Network –> Options.

2) Allow RTN Gift TSYS, or Mercury Classic = True.

3) Allow E2E Gift, if Vantiv Secure (Chip Cards) = True.


Online Ticket Point Multiplier: When using their loyalty card online, their points will multiply.
Waive Internet Fee for Loyalty: Internet fee will be waived when using their loyalty card online.
Allow Ticket Credit Redemption: Ticket reward can be redeemed online.
Allowing Customers to Register Cards Online

Once enabled, customers can register loyalty cards online using the following link:

You will replace "RTN" in the link with your RTN number. If you do not know your RTN number, it can be found on The title bar. If you would like to enable online loyalty registration, please contact RTS.

Online Registration - Required Fields

You can determine for your customers what fields will need to be filled out in order for them to register their card online. To do this, navigate to Setup -> Mag Cards -> Online Registration - Required Fields and check off the desired fields. When done, select save and restart the internet server on your SERVER machine at File -> Other -> Switch to -> Internet Server -> Restart Internet Server for the changes to take affect.


When registering online, the boxes checked will appear with an asteric for customers online and will be required before the customer can register the card.

Membership Reports

Navigate to: Reports –> Mag Cards –> Member Information.

Reports MagCards MemberInfo.JPG

  • Check which credentials you want on the report.
  • "Print" or "Export".