Configuring Register Layout

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The eleven Register Button on the RTS selling screen are configurable. This allows you to set up your register with short cuts to common selling buttons, so it matches the way your theater works. There are also Features in RTS, like Drink ID, Credit Card Tips, and Comps that need a register button added to use.

Configuring the Register Layout

To change what buttons appear on your register follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Register Layout


  2. Select the Station you wish to change the layout of with the Current Station dropdown box at the top of the window
  3. Select the Drop-down box next to the button you wish to change
  4. Choose the function you wish to use
  5. Press Save to save this layout to the Current Station, or Save As to save it to multiple stations.

Custom Cash Tender Amounts

If you want to add a custom Cash Tender amount button,

  1. Press the Tender Amounts button at the bottom of the window

    Rts registerLayout customCashTenderAmounts.png

  2. Press Add
  3. Enter the dollar amount you wish to add
  4. When you are finished adding a custom amount, press Save
  5. Select the amount you added from the drop-down next to the appropriate button.

Change the Ticket Amount Buttons

You can also change the number of tickets used on the Ticket Amount buttons by

  1. Press the Ticket Amount Button at the bottom of the screen

    Rts registerLayout ticketAmountButtons.png

  2. Change the amount next to the button you wish to set.
  3. Press Save

Description of Button Options

  • Add Money Card: A short cut to Menu -> Add Points. Allows you to add money to a mag card.
  • Add Point Card: A short cut to Menu -> Manual Points. Allows you to add rewards point to a mag card.
  • Advanced Tickets: A short cut to Menu -> Pick Date. Changes the date you are currently viewing showtimes and tickets for.
  • Change Currency: If you have additional currency's setup in RTS, this button allows you to change the current currency used.
  • Comps: This is the same as the Discount button. Allows you to apply a discount to an item, or the entire transaction. See Comps
  • Discount: This is the same as the Comps button. Allows you to apply a discount to an item, or the entire transaction. See Comps
  • Drink ID: The Drink ID button tracks customer drink orders while adhering to the drink limit (if enabled). See Drink ID
  • Enter Card: A short cut to Menu -> Enter Card. This allows you to apply a mag card to the transaction.
  • Exact Change: This button will finish the transaction with exact change.
  • Instructions: Allows you to attach custom instructions to orders. These Instructions will display on a pickup viewer, and on a remote printer.
  • Log Off: A short cut to Menu -> Log Off. Logs you out of RTS.
  • Manual Credit: A short cut to Menu -> Manual Entry. If you have a 3rd Party Credit Card System setup in RTS, you will use this button to log the transaction with RTS.
  • Menu: Opens the Selling Menu. RTS recommends always having Menu assigned to one Button. If you accidentally completely remove Menu, it will override the function, but not the text, of Button #9
  • Open Drawer: A short cut to Menu -> Open Drawer. Opens the Cash Drawer.
  • Order Mgmt: A legacy option.
  • Pay Credit: A short cut to Menu -> Pay Credit. Charges the transaction to a Credit Card.
  • Pick Tab: Allows you to bring up previous transactions, and to enter Credit Card Tips.
  • Pickup Tickets: A short cut to Menu -> Pickup Tickets. Used to Pickup online ticket purchases.
  • Print Reciept: A short cut to Menu -> Print Reciept. Allows you to print a reciept after a transaction has finished, but hasn't been cleared from the screen.
  • Send: Sends an Order to Pickup Viewers, Remote Printer, and saves the order so it can be paid for later, using the Pick Tab button. This button is also required to enter Credit Card Tips into RTS.
  • Special: Serves the Same function as the Modify Button in restaurant mode. Allows you to use the Modifiers that have the Special Button option checked.
  • Start Tender: Opens the Tender Menu for recieving cash. You can also access the Multi-Tender here, for when you are using two different payments methods.
  • Stop Selling: A short cut to Menu -> Stop Selling. Exits the Selling screen.
  • Verify Age: Allows you to quickly check a customer's age and date of birth by scanning their ID with a barcode scanner or mag stripe reader. See Verifying Age
  • Void Last: A short cut to Menu -> Void Last. Removes the last item added to the Register. RTS recommends this is set to the Item List Button option.
  • Void One: Allows you to Void one item, then turns off Void.

Adjusting Register Item Font/Line Size

To adjust the font size / Line size of the register item list you will first need to go to the local computer on each station that needs to be adjusted.

  1. Navigate to Setup - Local Computer - Device Options