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Account Creation

RTS provides corporate offices the ability to sell select items through the Web Reporting portal. You'll need an account to log into Web Reporting first. See how to setup this up here: Web Reporting

Note:This account will need to have Sell via Web Interface privileges. See Passwords and Password Groups for more information.


Configuring Items

Next you'll need to configure items to sell. Do this by going to Setup -> Concessions -> Web Selling Items


Once you have added your items you will need to restart the internet sever for your newly configured items to be available. You can do this by going to: File -> Other -> Switch to -> Internet Server from here click the "Restart Internet Server" button

File Other Switchto InternetServer.JPG

Selling via the Web Interface

With your items configured and your account privileges in order you're ready to sell. Log into web reports and click the Sellingicon.


This will take you to the selling screen


Sale Item - The item you wish to sell

Amount - The quantity of you wish to sell of the item

Override System Price - Enables you to change the price of the sale item (E.g. set a discounted price)

Price - The total price of the order