Customizing Your Deposit Total Report

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This section will go over how to create custom configurations for deposit total reports, shift emails, and Station reports.
(This page is about customizing Deposit Total reports. For more information about the content of the reports click here.)

To start customizing your Deposit Total report start by navigating to: Reports -> Deposit -> Total or Setup -> Reports -> Report Groups.

There are two ways to save a custom report configuration.

1) Adding a configuration from the deposit total page.

  • Using the dropdown boxes next to each category select either "true" or "false" depending on what is needed for your report.
Deposit total custom true false.png
  • For faster editing the "all" and "none" buttons at the bottom will, in turn, set them all to true or false.
Deposit total custom all none.png
  • After each category has been assigned the preferred value click the "configure" button in the top right of the menu and select "save as".
Deposit total custom save as.png
  • This will save the configuration to the name you entered.
Deposit total custom report name.png

2) Adding a configuration from the Report Group Configuration menu.

  • Click the configure button in the top right of the Deposit Total menu and select "configuration" or Navigate to: Setup -> Reports -> Report Groups or Select "Configure Groups" from Setup -> Reports -> Automatic Emails.
Deposit total custom save as.png
  • This menu shows the same category field as the deposit total menu but with a few added features.
Deposit total custom configure.png
  • From this menu, you can add or remove saved configurations and edit new or old configurations.

After the custom report has been saved it can be viewed by selecting it from the "Report Groups" drop-down in the top left of the Deposit Total window or the Same dropdown in Reports -> Sations -> Opened/Closed.

Deposit total custom report name.png