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The login password for the demo is '''“b”'''.  
The login password for the demo is '''“b”'''.
==Selling Screen - Boxoffice==
==Selling Screen - Boxoffice==

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Thank you for downloading the RTS Demo. Provided below is a guide to walk through RTS. However, our Sales Department is available if you have any questions or would like to schedule a tutorial.

RTS Sales
(865) 212-9703


After installing the demo, you will be prompted to install a demo version. Select yes.


Next a window will appear for computer type. Select “Office Computer”


The demo will now finish installation. If any issues, please contact our sales team at sales@rts-solutions.com.



The login password for the demo is “b”.

Login Demo b.PNG

Selling Screen - Boxoffice

To access the selling screen, select the selling screen icon at the top left of the window after logging in. Choose Station 1.

This will prompt a dual Boxoffice and Concession selling interface

To sell a ticket: Select a Title, Time, and Ticket Type.

To exit, select Menu –> Exit Selling Screen.

Reserved Seating

Films with reserved seating examples: Avengers 3D, Jurassic World, and Rampage.

Selling Screen – Concession

Select the Selling Screen icon on the main page

Choose Station 1

Select the blue “Conc” button

To exit, select Menu –> Exit Selling Screen.

Restaurant Interface

To view restaurant mode, select Setup –> Local Computer and then choose the "Restaurant" Tab.

Check off “Pin Pad Login”

SU LocalComp Rest.PNG
Select “Save”. Select the Selling Screen Icon. You will be prompted with a login prompt.
Choose the “key” button and login using the “b” password
You will now be logged in to the Restaurant Interface. To exit, select “Quit” and when at the login screen, choose manager and login with “b”. To disable pin pad login, use the above to steps to uncheck “PinPad Login”


View reporting examples by navigating to Reports –> Deposit –> Total.

Reports Dep Total1.PNG

Click "View". This will load a sample report of the closing day report. Please keep in mind you can customize the report using the true/false section on the left side of the window.

Reports Dep Total1 View.PNG

RTS Sales
(865) 212-9703