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While not mandated by law in the US, EMV credit card processing is indispensable for securing your operation’s credit card data. RTS supports multiple secure readers, speedy transactions, and various credit card processing options to protect your business from fraudulent activity.

  • Protect your theatre’s and customer’s data utilizing secure EMV processing.
  • Multiple credit card processing options available.
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Process Near Field Communication (Tap and Pay)payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay.
  • Minimize setup time with our 24/7/365 technical support team.
  • Various secure card readers supported, including VX805's, ISC250'S, and Augusta's.

Components of Secure Processing

EMV is the most commonly referenced term when discussing secure processing. However, it is only one aspect of keeping your data safe. RTS provides all three key elements to credit card security.

EMV: EMV is a proprietary standard used by global payment networks to combat card-present counterfeit fraud. It stands for Eurocard, Mastercard, and Visa, who originally created the standard.

End to End Encryption: E2E makes data unreadable as it is processed, so if the data is intercepted by malware or hackers, the information is useless. Data is never stored in your point of sale system.

Tokenization: Tokenization replaces sensitive payment data with a unique token generated by complex algorithms that cannot be duplicated or decoded.

Additional Features

Besides the benefit of securing your credit card data, using EMV credit card processing has additional perks with RTS.

  • Additional online loyalty perks, including redeeming free ticket rewards, multiply ticket points for online purchases, waive internet ticketing fees for loyalty members.
  • Support for contactless credit card processing, especially necessary in the wake of COVID-19.
  • Promote NFC payments. NFC payments include Apple Pay and Android Pay, another excellent solution for contactless payments.


  1. What credit card processors does RTS support? Are there additional license fees?
    A: RTS integrates with Heartland and WorldPay. There are no additional RTS license costs for utilizing EMV credit card processing with Heartland and WorldPay.

  2. How do I purchase credit card readers? Can I buy them on my own?
    A: Credit card readers are purchased directly through your credit card process, not through RTS. You cannot purchase credit card readers from a third party because the processor must encrypt the reader.

  3. What Credit Card Readers does RTS support?
    A: We support common readers like the Verifone Vx805, Ingenico ISC250, ID Agusta, and more. You can find a full of the readers we support here.

  4. Will my theatre operations change when utilizing EMV credit card processing?
    A: Yes. There are some changes when switching to EMV. For example, you cannot pick up online tickets using a credit card. Manual credit card changes will also take place on the reader. For more changes, please see HERE.

  5. Will my rates change when I process with EMV?
    A: Please contact our Processor options, Heartland or WorldPay, for questions regarding rates.

  6. Can I run my gift cards through a secure reader?
    A: No. You will still run gift cards through your stand mag card reader.

  7. Will my credit card receipts change?
    A: Yes. When using secure processing, the processor determines what is required to print on the credit card receipt. Contact Worldpay or Heartland about receipt change inquiries.

Ready to get started? Please see our Setting up EMV guide HERE.