General Item Setup and Configuration

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This section explains how to add and edit concession items. Whenever adding items, it is best to clone items, instead of adding items from the concession list. When cloning, the item will then copy settings such as stock and the subtotal.

This section is divided into three parts:

  • Concession Item List
  • Adding a Concession Item
  • Concession Items Explained

Concession Item List

To see your current concession list, navigate in RTS to Setup –> Concessions –> Items. This will display all your items currently in your database.

SU Conc Items.PNG

Note: If an item was deleted and you would like to add it back into the system, navigate to Setup –> Concessions –> Restore and restore the item.

SU Concessions Items.jpg

From the concession item list, you may use the search bar to search for an item. You can also edit, add, or remove items. As previously noted, please do not add items from this window. Please see the following steps for adding concession items.

Adding a Concession Item

1) Navigate to Setup -> Concessions -> Clone Item.

SU Concessions CloneItem.PNG

2) Choose an item in the drop-down menu to base your new item from. Select "Create New Item".

SU Concessions CloneItem CreateNewItem.PNG

3) Enter the name of your item. RTS recommends capitalizing your item. Select "OK".

4) The window provided below will prompt after creating your item. From this screen, you may designate price, functions of the item, subtotal, picture and sales tax. Functionality of this window is explained in Concession Item Configuration.

5) Designate the price of your item. Click the subtotal tab and select the category you wish your item to be filtered with for subtotal reports.

6) Modify how you wish your item to appear on your selling screen by selecting the picture tab. If an image of the item is not available within the database, you can designate a font color and background color.

7) RTS recommends including your tax within your item price to avoid pennies in the drawer. However, if you choose to utilize the sales tax feature, designate the appropriate sales tax using the sales tax tab. If your state's tax does not appear in the provided list, please contact technical support at for configuration, or see Sales Tax in the help file.

8) After your item is configured, save your settings. Please keep in mind that this only creates the item within your database. If you cloned the item with similar settings, the item will already by added into the appropriate stations and stockroom. If this is not the case, please see Station Items to configure how your stations are calculated for inventory purposes.

Concession Items Explained

General Tab

Navigate to: Setup -> Concessions -> Items, select "Edit".

SU Concessions Items Edit.GENERAL.PNG

Item Name

Name the item. The name is limited to 15 characters.


Designates the price of the item. Use to calculate percap Set this option if you want this items sales to be included in the per capita calculation. This setting is checked whenever a report is displayed. The per capita setting is not stored in the historical data base records.

Show on cash out report

Forces the remaining amount of this item to print on the cash out report when the station is closed. This is usually enabled for gift certificates that are returned with the stations cash drawer.

Increase stockroom amounts

Increase the stockroom amount when this item is stocked from the stockroom. This option is set when the item is a sequentially numbered gift certificate. The stockroom amount is set to the current gift certificate serial number so when a certificate is removed from the stockroom the software will track to next certificate number.

Discount with a movie card

This enables discounts if this item is purchased with a discount movie card.

Display on fill order station

This causes this items sales to appear on a remote display for pickup. Also when this item is sold a receipt is printed automatically with the a Pickup number. You must have a receipt printer configure for the receipt to print.

Enable Employee Discount

This enables employee discounts for this item.

Amount Entry Item

Set this option to force an amount entry field on the selling screen for this item. Password Protected Set this option to password protect the amount entry item.

Earn Points

Set this option if you want this item to earn concession points through the bonus point program. Currently $1= 1point.

Subtotal Tab

SU Concessions Items Edit.SUBTOTAL.PNG

This configures which subtotal the items sales will be included in. This setting is checked and recalculated whenever reports are displayed. The setting is not stored in the sales database.


Select this button to setup the subtotal to nothing. Subtotal reports will display "No Subtotal Found" for this items sales.

Edit Subtotals

This button will display the subtotal configuration window.

Picture Tab

SU Concessions Items edit.PICTURE.PNG

This tab allows configuration of the concession item that is displayed on the touch screen-selling screen.

Item Graphics

To display a graphical picture of the concession item, click load and select the items picture.

Text Display

If there is no picture available, selected the text color and back color of the text button. The size adjust will increase and decrease the text size on the selling screen.

Discount Tab

SU Concessions Items Edit.DISCOUNT.PNG

These are different discount amounts that can be configured. The amounts entered should be the amount to deduct from the selling price.

Sales Tax Tab

This configures the sales tax for the concession item.

SU Concessions Items Edit.SALESTAX.PNG

  • Select the sales tax from the drop down lists.
  • If your sales tax is not available, please contact technical support at and we will add your tax rate to the software.

Station Items

1) Navigate to: Setup -> Concessions -> Station Items.

SU Concessions StationItems.PNG

2) Set "Current Station" to be one of your selling station numbers.

3) Highlight the item in the "Main Item" list, select the "<-" button to move the item to the "Station Items" list.

4) For "Type" choose "Selling", for "Stock From" choose "Stockroom1".

5) Select "Save".

6) Select "Close".

This will add the new item, and set the station it will be sold from. It will also set the properties of how it is treated for Inventory purposes. The item will be treated as a "Selling" item, and the item will be pulled from the "Stockroom1" location when sold.

Once all the items are added to the system, and in the appropriate stations, a touch screen layout will need to be built:

1) Go to: Setup -> Concessions -> Touch Screen Layout -> Employee Station.

SU Concessions TouchScreenLayout EmployeeStation.PNG

2) Set the "Current Station" to be your first concession station number.

3) For each item you wish to sell, highlight the item and click inside the space on the selling screen where you wish that items button to be.

4) When the selling screens are setup, you can select :"Save" to save this station, and then use "Save As" to copy this setup to a different station number.

NOTES: If you have more items than spaces on the screen, you can spread the items over multiple screens by using either the screen number items, or the "Next" and "Previous" items on each screen. If you wish the concession station to be able to sell tickets also, add the "Tickets" item to the layout.

If you wish to add a station at a later date, you can copy the current station config to the new number as follows:

In RTS, go to: Setup -> Concessions -> Station Items.

SU Concessions StationItems.PNG

  1. Change the "Current Station" to be the existing station you want to copy
  2. Select "Save As"
  3. Highlight the station you wish to copy the config to
  4. Select "OK"
  5. Select "Close"

In RTS, go to: Setup -> Concessions -> Touchscreen Layout -> Employee Station.

SU Concessions TouchScreenLayout EmployeeStation.PNG

  1. Change the "Current Station" to be the existing station you want to copy.
  2. Select "Save As"
  3. Highlight the station you wish to copy the config to.
  4. Select "OK"
  5. Select "Close"