Getting Started With Reserved Seating

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Setting up Reserved Seating

Our Media Team can help you set up your reserved seating layout in RTS. Please see this page on what information our team will need to help you set this up.

Reserved Seating Features

Broken Seats

If you have a broken seat in one of your auditoriums, RTS allows you to mark it as broken, and it will take effect in all auditoriums immediately. If you have customer-facing displays, the seat will be hidden on that screen, but not on your employee screen. To learn how to use this feature, please see our page here.

Holding a Seat

If you need to reserve a seat for a single performance, RTS allows you to apply a hold to the seat. This will prevent anyone from purchasing the seat while it is held. Please see our page here for instructions on using this feature.

Seat Swaps

When you need to change what seat is reserved in an auditorium for a patron, you can use RTS's Seat Swap feature. See Our page here on how to do this.

Seat History

Sometimes you need to look up the purchase history for a seat for a particular auditorium. For instance, if a patron comes in to pick up an advanced ticket, but you find out their seat has been moved. You can use the RTS Seat History feature to find out what happened. See our page here for more information.

Ticket Excange

Occasionally you may need to exchange what ticket has been purchased for a seat. For example, one of your patrons may have purchased an Adult ticket online but may qualify for your discounted Senior ticket. You can exchange their ticketing using our Ticket Exchange feature. For more information, please see our page here.

Voiding Seats

Voiding a Reserved Seat ticket is a little bit similar than voiding a general admission ticket. Please see our page about voiding here.