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RTS has implemented NFC, P2PE, and hosted checkout functionality through WorldPay, formerly known as Vantiv IP. We also support multiple EMV readers. A video explaining EMV and how to get started is provided below.

An informational video of EMV and secure payment processing can be viewed: HERE

Three components are required for secure credit card processing.

1) Retail Account - RTS-v 7.1 dsiEMVUS-dsiPDCX E2E-MToken
2) Hosted Checkout/Ecommerce Account
3) Secure Card Readers

Secure card readers are required at every terminal needing to process credit cards. The two readers available for terminal sales are the ISC250 and VX805.

These devices must be purchased directly through WorldPay. Devices purchased elsewhere will not work. This is because WorldPay will load specific keys on to the readers.

Your accounts can be set up and readers ordered all through Vantiv. Our sales team can facilitate a call between you and a WorldPay rep. Please reach out to our Sales team to begin the setup process.
(865) 212-9703

Our technical support team will help install your readers once you receive them. Please contact our support team the day before you plan on updating your credit card account in RTS. We will assist with installing drivers and testing the readers.

On the day of your account switch over, please call us at least 30-40 minutes before you open for the day. Please have the following information ready.

1) Your secure username and password. The credentials are used to close the deposit at the end of the night.
2) The hosted checkout password. This will be generated in your portal provided by WorldPay. Instructions for generating the password are provided on your Hosted Checkout Password Generation /ecommerce account created by WorldPay. Please email this password to
3) A credit card available to run a test and void transaction

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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