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6) Select '''"Add Credits"''', swipe the card(s) and select '''"Close"''' when done.
6) Select '''"Add Credits"''', swipe the card(s) and select '''"Close"''' when done.
==Transferring Gift Card Information==
=='''Transferring Gift Card Information'''==
If a customer needs a replacement card, the card data can be transferred to a different card.
If a customer needs a replacement card, the card data can be transferred to a different card.

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This section discusses gift card functionality in RTS, ranging from how to order cards, sell cards, and how to redeem.

Note: RTS can also sell gift cards online. Please see our wiki for more information for Online Gift Cards.

Gift Card Ordering

See Ordering Mag Cards for instructions on how to order more gift cards.

Adding Money to Cards

1) At the selling screen, select Menu –> Add Money.

SellingIcon.PNG         Selling Station1.PNG         Selling Menu.PNG         Selling Station1 Menu Add1.PNG         Selling Station1 Menu AddMoney.PNG

2) Swipe or manually enter the card number you wish to add money to.

3) The next prompt will ask to add money to the card. Enter the amount of money you wish to add to the card. Select "OK".

4) After selecting "OK", RTS will ask to confirm the amount being added to the card. If the amount is correct, select "Yes", or "No", to begin the process again.

5) Once confirmed, the card now moves to the tender window. Money will not be added to the card until the transaction completes. Please finish the transaction using the appropriate transaction method.

6) Money will be added to the card instantly and can be used directly after the transaction finalizes.

Removing Money from Cards

The following steps are for removing money from a card and crediting the money back to a customer.

1) On the selling screen, select Menu –> Void On. The tender will turn red indicating a void is taking place.

2) Select Menu –> Add Money, the same steps as you would be adding money to a card.

3) Enter the card number.

4) Enter the money you would like to remove from the card, however, select CREDIT OFF. When the button is selected, it will turn red and the verbiage change to Credit On.

5) After selecting "OK", two prompts will appear. First, select "Yes" that you are removing money from the card. Then you must verify that you wish to remove money from the card.

6) To verify the amount being removed from the card, repeat the above steps by entering the amount and select CREDIT OFF. Press "OK" when done.

7) The credit off transaction will now move to the tender window. Complete the transaction as needed that will credit the credit card or expect money to be taken out of the drawer.

Adding Concession Items to Gift Cards

1) In RTS, navigate to Setup –> Mag Cards –> Add Concession.

SU MagCards AddConc.PNG

2) Enter a password with the appropriate permissions.

3) Select an item listed under Concession Bonus and enter the amount of concession items that should be added to the card(s).

4) If needed, set an expiration date or leave as never.

5) If this item will be added to a series of cards, enter the number of cards or leave at 1.

6) Select "Add Credits", swipe the card(s) and select "Close" when done.

Transferring Gift Card Information

If a customer needs a replacement card, the card data can be transferred to a different card.

1) Navigate to: Setup –> Mag Cards –> Transfer Cards.

SU MagCards TransferCards.PNG

2) Enter a password with the appropriate permission level.

3) Enter the old card number.

4) Enter the new card number.

5) The data is now transferred to the new data.

Completing Transactions with Gift Cards

Once a card has money on it, the card can be used to complete transactions.

1) On the selling screen, either select "Enter Card" on the register layout or Menu –> Enter Card. Note: The register layout can be customized by navigating to Setup –> Register Layout. Make sure to "Save as" for all stations.

2) Once the card is entered, the card will be associated with the transaction and display their current balance. If the card is also a loyalty card, their information and point value will appear in the tender as well. Please see the next section on the Loyalty Program for more information.

3) After the transaction is ready to be finalized, please select "Exact Change".

4) The money will now be removed from the card and money will not be expected out of your drawer. If you were to swipe the card again, the balance would now reflect the deduction from the recent transaction.

Gift Card Reports

RTS offers a wide range reports specifically for mag cards. These reports will be located under Reports –> Mag Cards.

Individual Log- See all transactions for a specific card. Please swipe or enter the card number when prompted.

Gift Card Detail- This report will display all cards and current balances, or cards before the specified date. You may view the report or choose to export via CSV.

Daily Log- This log will show varying information based on the items selected for the given date range.

System Total- System total will display your total amount of cards, debit total, valid supers, expired supers, valid ticket credits and expired ticket credits. This information may be printed.

Mag Card Expire Summary- View cards that have expired based on the specified date.


See Configuring Loyalty Cards to learn about adding rewards to a gift card.

Please email support@rts-solutions.com for more information.