Installing a VX805

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Installing a VX805 reader.

If a VX805 has never been used on this computer, you must install the software driver before continuing.

Install the windows driver software

Download the current driver from

Datacap Download DriverVx805.PNG

Once the driver is installed, plug in the reader and wait for the welcome screen to appear.

Setup In RTS

Open the local computer settings. Navigate to: Setup -> Local Computer.

SU LocalComputer.PNG

  • Navigate to the Card Reader Tab.
  • Select the Verifone VX805 or Verifone VX805 EMV for the secure card reader. Use the EMV option if your system has been enabled to accept chip(EMV) cards.
  • Select Test.
  • Within a few seconds, a message will appear confirming communication with the reader.

EMV Enabled Systems

  • When EMV is enabled there is an additional step required to load the 'EMV parameter keys' for the reader. This only needs to be done once before processing EMV cards or when the reader is switched to a different processing account.
  • Select the Setup EMV Reader button.
  • After a few seconds, the reader will indicate that it is loading and will restart.
  • RTS will indicate that the reader is working.
  • This can take a couple minutes to complete.