Internet Data Transfers

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Make sure that the router is configured to forward incoming requests to port 2235 to the computer running your Internet Server.

1. Go to: Setup -> Communications -> Internet, click the "Add" button and assign a name for the connection.

SU Communications Internet.PNG

2. Check off any of the 4 boxes for the data you wish to send to your home office.
3. Enter a Data Transfer Password. This password must match at the Theatre and Remote locations.
4. Click the "Save" button.
5. If you are not currently running an Internet Server, go to: Setup -> Local Computer and then click on the "Other" Tab, put a check in auto program Startup Internet Server.

SU LocalComputer OtherTab.PNG

6. Click the "Save" button.

7. Go to: File -> Other -> Restart Software

File Other RestartSoftware.PNG

At your remote location
1. Go to Setup -> Communications -> Internet and click the add button to assign a name for the new connection.

SU Communications Internet.PNG

2. Enter your location’s theatre number: <<Provided by RTS Technical Support>>
3. Enter your location’s lookup IP password: <<Provided by RTS Technical Support>>
4. Enter the same Data Transfer password that was entered at the theatre
5. Select "Save"
6. Select "Close"

To retrieve data
1. Go to: Actions -> Communications -> Internet Data Transfer.

Actions Communications InternetDataTransfers.PNG

2. Select the dates desired and the theatre, select "Get Data"