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RTS provides multiple options for internet ticketing. This document details the different avenues for providing advanced ticket sales to your patrons and implementation procedures.

This section is divided into seven parts:

  • Internet Ticketing Options
  • Pages of the RTN
  • Editing the RTN
  • Third Party Sites
  • Online Gift Cards
  • Redeeming Tickets Purchased Online
  • Useful Reports

Internet Ticketing Options

  • RTS provided site called the RTN page. This page can be stand-alone or linked to your existing website.
  • Showtimes XML to pull your schedule to your existing website.
  • Open Interface API that will integrate your showtimes to your website – No additional licensing fees
  • Third Party Ticketing Platforms – No additional licensing fees

Open Interface API

Utilize our open source API for your web developer to enhance your current website with a direct RTS showtime integration.


Options for displaying your RTN Page

  • Direct link from website to RTN page within same window
  • Direct link from website to RTN in a new tab or browser
  • Within your navigation using i-frame

Note: Framed area will NOT show a secure lock in the browser when choosing this option. Options available in RTS to have a secure checkout page appear in a new secure browser

RTN Link

Your website link is your RTN number followed by "".
To locate your RTN number, navigate in RTS to Help – About. The number will be listed next to “RTN”. The number is also listed at the top of your window next to “R:{}”
Provide this link to your web developer to link your page to your existing website.

Pages of the RTN Site

Your website link is your RTN number followed by
To locate your RTN number, navigate in RTS to Help – About. The number will be listed next to “RTN”. The number is also listed at the top of your window next to “R:{}”
Provide this link to your web developer to link your page to your existing website.

Showtime Page


The first page customers will visit on the RTN platform is the showtimes page. Patrons may select the showtime date, their performance, and the showtime for their designated date.
Like all RTN pages, theatres may add text, a logo, and change color/fonts.

Pick Ticket Page


After selecting their performance, customers will then be directed to the pick tickets page. Based on your settings, patrons will determine their amount of tickets using a drop-down format.
Note: Not all tickets available at the boxoffice have to be sold online; certain ticket types can be disabled for online sales.

If you are a reserved seating location, customers will first reserve their seat. This will be the same layout that is available at the boxoffice.


Purchase Confirmation


Before completing the transaction, patrons will confirm their order. If the theatre is utilizing secure credit card processing (taking chip cards), the site will function as a shopping cart.
On the purchase confirmation page, theatre customers can enter their loyalty card or pay with a gift card. A disclaimer can also be added.
Once confirmed, the patron can check out, clear cart, or continue shopping.

Editing RTN Page

The steps for editing the RTN can be found here: Customizing your RTN Website. Our support team can also assist with customizing your RTN page.

Internet Ticket Fees

Theatres may charge an optional internet ticketing fee, either by ticket or per transaction.
Note: This fee is 100% retained by the theatre.

Third Party Sites

RTS integrates with all major third-party ticketing sites using our API. Please contact our sales department for boarding information.
RTS Sales
(865) 212-9703

Online Gift Cards

In addition to selling tickets online, physical and virtual cards may be sold on the RTS provided online ticketing platform. Information may be found here: Online Gift Cards

Redeeming Tickets Purchased Online

Tickets purchased online will need to be redeemed at an RTS terminal.
1) On the selling screen select "Pickup Tickets" or Menu –> Pickup Tickets.

Note: To configure how your register layout is configured, navigate in RTS to Setup –> Register Layout. You may choose which shortcut buttons are available.

2) After selecting "Pickup Tickets", a window will prompt to redeem the ticket purchased online.


3) From here, scan the barcode from the confirmation page either printed out or on the phone, or enter the receipt number.

4) If the patron does not have either of the information from their order, please select "Advanced Pickup Search".


5) This window will display all advance ticket sales along with their email. Using the keyboard, the user may search for the ticket by their email or card number.
6) To narrow the search, select "More Options".


7) This will display a search by parameters along with a filter by title and performance.
8) From this window, you will also be able to Export Sales and Copy Emails from tickets purchased online.
9) When the search parameters are done, select "Load Data". The Back button will take the user back to the original menu.

Useful Reports

Movie Pass Reports

Step 1: Reports -> Ticket -> Log.


Step 2: Check box for "Internet Ticket Sales Only".

Step 3: Select ******** API user in top Right of dialogue box.

Step 4: View report.

Step 5: "Save" Report if need be, if totals are all that is needed add up totals for the date range specified.

NOTICE: At the moment the reports only display totals for one day at a time. If a Weekly Report is needed you MUST do this manually.

To view advance ticketing sales vs matured sales, navigate in RTS to Reports –> Deposit –> Advance Ticketing Details.

Reports Dep AdvTickDet.PNG

Note: Advance tickets will also appear on reports such as the Ticketing Log.

When selling advanced tickets, you may receive notice from your patrons that a purchase did not complete. RTS provides a report to determine why the transaction failed.

  • Navigate in RTS to Reports –> System Log –> Internet Ticketing Credit Cards.


  • This window will display all internet ticket transactions. If the charge failed, the reason will display in the grid. For example, if the user did not properly enter their Zip Code or Address, the fail reason will be an AVS fail. This report will help explain to your customers why their transactions are not processing.

Note: RTS requires that the user only correctly enters one of the fields.

For additional information, or if you have any questions regarding RTS internet ticketing, please contact the RTS Team.

Ready Theatre Systems
(865) 212-9703