Limiting Alcohol Consumption and Verifying Legal Age

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Drink Limit

The drink limit can be set at Setup -> Concessions -> Drink Limit.

  • When enabled, RTS will limit the amount of drinks each customer can purchase.
  • It will not allow for the limit to be surpassed within the time frame set.


Verify Age

The Verify age button is used to quickly check a customer's age and date of birth by scanning their ID with a barcode scanner or mag stripe reader.

Drink ID

The Drink ID button tracks customer drink orders, while adhering to the drink limit (if enabled).

  • Either scan the customer's license, or manually key in the information.
  • You can search through for customers with the search button.


Verify Age and Drink ID can both be added to the selling screen at Setup -> Register Layout.

SU RegLayout.PNG