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Contained below is a comprehensive list of all reports involving mag cards.


Card Details - Shows balance information of cards.

Number - Card Number
Issue Balance - Balance on the card when it was originally issued
Issue Date - Date card was issued
Last Debit Change Date - Last time money was removed from the card
Balance as of - Balance before the last transaction
Current Balance - Current balance of the card
Balance Date - Date used for current balance

Daily Log - Shows all transaction types preformed by cards within a time frame.

  • Debit - Money added or removed
  • Point - Loyalty points added or removed
  • Item Credit - Rewards item added
  • Item Redeem - item redeemed from card
  • Super Saver Sold - Super savers added to card
  • Super Saver Redeem - redeemed a super saver ticket from card
  • Clear Card - Card information cleared
  • Card Transferred - Card information transferred to another card
Report Info:
Card - Card number
Date Used - Date card was used
Amount - Transaction amount
Receipt - Receipt number
Type - Transaction type
Manual - If this was a manual transaction
Item - Item related to transaction
User - User involed with transaction
Expiration - Expiration of item added
Reason - Reason given for transaction

Mag Card Expire Summary - shows information about cards that were last used before a specified date

Card Number - Card number
Balance - Current Balance
Last Used - Date card was last used

Individual Log - Displays all card transactions for the specified card during the last year

Date used - Transaction Date
Amount - Tansaction amount
Receipt - Receipt number
Type - Transaction type (See above for list of transaction types)
Manual - If this was a manual transaction
Item - Item related to transaction
User - User involed with transaction
Expiration - Expiration of item added
Reason - Reason given for transaction

Look Up Registered Card - This window enables lookup of registered mag cards. The search can be performed by the name, address, zip code, or ID fields. Search entries are case insensitive. If multiple search entries are used, the returned card numbers must match all entries. You may update the customers information at this screen as well.

Member Information - Shows a filterable list of members and thier registered info

Member Name - Name of member
Card Numnber - Card number associated with that member
Address Information - address information of member
Id Information - member id information
Date of Birth - members birthday
Email - email associated with that member
Email Authorized? - Email has opted to recieve emails

Online Gift Purchases - This is a log of online gift card purchases. It allows you to view data relating to each purchase and the ability to resend cards.

System Total - This window shows total values from all cards in system

Number of cards - Number of cards in system
Debit Total - Total dollar amount on all cards
Vaild Supers - Valid super savers accross all cards
Expired Supers - Expired super savers accross all cards
Valid Ticket Credits - Tickets on cards not yet redeemed
Expired Ticket Credits - Expired tickets on cards