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Mag Cards, or Magnetic Stripe Cards, are used for both Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards in RTS.

Ordering Mag Cards

RTS suggests ordering cards from Plastic Printers. When cards are ordered, Plastic Printers will request cards numbers from RTS so we can generate the card numbers directly within your database. This way you will not have to manually enter the card numbers. Contact information is provided below.

Ashley Otte

651.319.4758 Direct

741 Spiral Blvd. • Hastings, MN 55033

When using a different card company:

  1. Email including the locations' information and the number of card numbers needing to be generated.
  2. Provide the following formatting information to your card manufacturer:
    1. Track 1, human-readable CR-LF
    2. Cards need to be encoded on ABA Track 1 only, nothing on Track 2 or 3. Cards can be lo-co or hi-co (lo-co is preferred and usually more cost effective).

Note: It is strongly recommended that the card number be printed on the cards due to normal wear of the magnetic strip.

Setting Up Gift Cards

To learn how to set up Gift Cards, see Gift Cards

Setting up Loyalty Cards

To learn how to set up Loyalty Cards, see Configuring Loyalty Cards