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Installing RTS

Demo Guide

Getting Started Guide V1.25

Keeping up with RTS

Feature Overview Videos

Downloads (Software - Forms - Drivers - Utilities)

Example Websites



Usher App

App Developer Accounts

App Configuration

Sending App Notifications

Apple Developer Account

Basic Troubleshooting

Server Down

Hardware Failure

Printer Troubleshooting

Concessions Troubleshooting

Credit Card Device Troubleshooting


General Item Setup and Configuration

Concession Layout

Adding/Removing a Station

Modifiers (Recipes, Combos, etc)

Pickup Viewer

Concessions Troubleshooting

Charity Round Up


Advertising Displays

Advertising Lines


Brunswick Setup

Concession Item Scanning

Calibrating your Touch Screen

Configuring Register Layout

Identifying your RTS Server

Installing a Root Certificate

Passwords and Password Groups

Port Forwarding


Sales Tax

Scheduling Films

Setting Up Distributors

Setting up Employee Schedules

Setting up Schedule Exports

Limiting Alcohol Consumption and Verifying Legal Age

QuickBooks Export

Setting up Secure Users

Setup third party show time data feeds

Setting up Tickets

RTS Email Configuration

RTS Title Bar

Tax Exempt Button

Setting up Station Items

Setting up Remote Item Printing

Setting Up Tickets for a Special Event

Credit Cards

Getting Started with EMV

Canadian EMV & Tap and Pay

Installing a VX805

Configuring Quest II EMV and Secure MSR

Setting up Secure Users

Credit Card Device Troubleshooting

Updating Credit Card Information

Hosted Checkout Password Generation

Contacting Vantiv

Supported Credit Card Readers

How to change PIN Pad interface settings

Digital Signage

Setting Up Digital Signage

Setting up your Chromecast

Setting up ONLY Trailers


Membership Discount Setup

Setting up Employee Discounts



Adding a New Film

Scheduling Films

Using the Internet Film List

Enabling Graphic Film Buttons

Setting up Display Amenities

Adding Custom Images to Films


Barcode Scanner Programming

Customer Facing Display

Advertising Displays

CR1000 Barcode Scanner Configuration


Setting up Inventory in RTS


Setting up a Kiosk

Mag Cards, Gift Cards, and Loyalty Program

Ordering Mag Cards

Gift Cards

Online Gift Cards

Configuring Loyalty Cards

Super Savers

Online Sales

Internet Ticketing

Customizing your RTN Website

Online Gift Cards

Purchasing Online Tickets with a Mag Card

Corporate Web Selling

Adding Web Server Access Accounts

Example Websites

API documentation


Partner RP700 Printer

Epson Layouts

Bluetooth Bixolon SPP-R300 Setup

Printer Troubleshooting



Opening Procedures

Closing Procedures

Closing Early




Automatic Reporting

Box Office Reporting with Numero

Common Reports

Conc Sales Vs Inventory

Deposit Total

Employee Contest

Internet Data Transfers

Web Reporting

Reserved Seating

Setting Up Reserved Seating

Marking Seats as Broken

Restaurant Mode

RTS Restaurant Interface

Pickup Viewer

Using the Bumpbar

Order Routing


Setting up Tickets

Ticket Class Rules

Ticket Layouts

Advertising Lines

Picking Up Tickets

Advanced Pickup Search

Setting Up Tickets for a Special Event

Voiding Online Tickets


Using the RTS Timeclock