Marking Seats as Broken

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When you have a seat in need of maintenance, set that seat as broken. This can be done in two places.

1) Selling Screen

2) Navigate to: Setup -> Reserved Seats -> Graphical.

1) Setting Seats As Broken in the Selling Screen

  • When in the reserved seating view, hit the "Menu" button. Next, select "Mark Broken" and proceed to select the broken seat.


  • If you have any prior tickets sold to the seat you're set as broken, a window will appear with the performance details for each ticket purchased for that seat.


  • When the seat has been fixed, follow the same steps to open it back up for sales.

2) Setting Seats As Broken in the Reserved Seating Setup

  • Broken seats can also be enabled or disabled at Setup -> Reserved Seats -> Graphical. Right click on the seat in question, click "Set Broken" and set it this to on.


  • To undo this, follow the same steps, but Set Broken to "off".
  • When the seat has been set to broken, it will appear like so.