Online Food and Beverage Sales: Configuring your App and Pickup Setting

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This menu allows you to configure a list of concession items to be sold in your RTS App.
(For more information about the RTS app click here.)

Configuring the App Menu

  1. Navigate to: Setup -> Mobile App -> Menu Setup


  2. Create a new Item Group by clicking Add on the left under the Item Group List and entering the name for the group.
    (Item Groups will be the tabs your items are displayed under in the app)
  3. Add items to your group by selecting the group in the list on the left, then Pressing the Assign Items button
  4. In the window that appears, check the box next to any items you wish to add to the group. The items will be listed under their Subtotal. Clicking the box next to a subtotal will select all items in that subtotal.

    AppMenuSetup ItemList.png

  5. Press Save to add the items to the group.
  6. You can change the name of or add a description to a group or item by selecting it in the list and editing the information on the right-hand side of the window
  7. After you are done press Save to finish

Your App Menu will look like this in the app:

App web concessions entrees.png

Setting up Modifiers

You can also set up modifiers in the app, just like you can for your selling stations. This is especially useful as you may need to have options in the app for questions you would usually ask the customer at the register like "What flavor of drink", or "Do you want Butter with your Popcorn". For more information on setting up modifiers, see our page here. The App uses the RTS App station for its Modifiers.

Note: You can only have 2 levels of modifiers. So your Menu Item's sub items can have sub items, but no deeper than that.

Modifiers will look like this in the app:

App web concessions modifiers.png

Setting up Station Items

The RTS app also has a station in the Station Items Window, so you can configure how to stock items sold from the RTS App. See our wiki page here for more information on setting up station items.