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Online Gift Card Configuration and Use

To enable online Gift Card sales at your location please fill out the following form and return email it to RTS support at

Online Gift Card Setup Form


When a customer purchase is finished, the amount is immediately charged to the customer credit card and a transaction is completed with a balancing item "Unfulfilled Web Gift Sale". The customer receives a receipt email.

Virtual Cards

Within a few minutes of purchase, the system will assign a card number and fund the card number with the required amount. This transaction decreases the "Unfulfilled Web Gift Sale" item and increases the "Debit Sold" item.

Physical Cards

When a physical card is prepared for mailing, the system creates a transaction. This transaction decreases the "Fulfilled Web Gift Sale" item and increases the "Debit Sold" item.

Gift Card Sales Link

Once you have online gift cards setup, a link is generated for online access. This is the link your customers will use to purchase cards, check card balances, and register loyalty cards. Your links will be:

The gift card purchase link is -
The gift card balance check link is -
The Loyalty information and registration link is  -

Replace "RTN" with your RTN code which is displayed on the About window.

Creating physical gift cards for mailing

1) From the RTS Menu, navigate to Actions -> Gift Sales -> Fill Orders.

Gift Card Physical Card Fill Assign.PNG

2) Select an open order to fill.

3) Select "Assign Card" and enter or swipe the card numbers for this order.

4) Select "Fund Card" and repeat for each card in the order.

5) Once all cards in the order have been assigned and funded, select "Finish Order".

6) A letter for will print for mailing.