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Select <code>'''Actions -> Pickup Viewer'''</code>.
Navigate to <code>'''Actions -> Pickup Viewer'''</code>.

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Navigate to Actions -> Pickup Viewer.

Pickup Viewer.JPG

If this is not an option under the "Actions" Tab, navigate to Setup -> Local Computer, then click on the "Order Routing" Tab. Check the box to Enable Pickup Viewer.

Actions LocalComp OrderRouting.PNG

RTS has the function for a station to be used as a pickup viewer for employees to view orders to complete. Employees on selling stations will finish orders by clicking "Send". The orders will then appear on the pickup screen. A timer will appear to track the duration of order completion.

Refresh- Refreshes Orders

First Screen (1 of 1)- Multiple Screens for multiple orders

Next- Screen Moves to the next screen

Previous Screen- Pages to the previous screen

Close- Exits the pickup viewer to normal RTS mode

Completed Orders- Displays finished orders

Finish- Complete Order