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Enabling the Pickup Viewer

Navigate to Setup -> Local Computer, then click on the "Order Routing" Tab. Check the box to Enable Pickup Viewer.

Actions LocalComp OrderRouting.PNG

Configuring the Pickup viewer

Allowing Items to be Displayed on Pickup Viewers

In order for items to be displayed on the Pickup Viewer, they must have the Display on fillorder station option checked. To set this:

  1. Naviage to Setup -> Concessions -> Items.
  2. Click on an item you wish to edit, and press "Edit".
  3. Ensure the "Display on fillorder station" box is checked.
  4. Press "Save".

Rts Concession Items edit.png

Controlling what appears on a Pickup viewer

RTS currently supports two different methods of controlling what items will display on a specific pickup viewer. This is useful if you need multiple pickup viewers displaying different items.

By Items

Creating an Item Group Configuration allows you to display a specific subset of all the items you've allowed on your Pickup viewer.

  1. Naviage to File -> Options.
  2. Select the Order Routing Tab and the Pickup Viewer Options tab
  3. Press the blue Item Routing button
  4. If you have already made an Item Group configuration skip this step
    1. Press the Add button
    2. Enter a name for your Item Group
  5. Select the Item Group you wish to use
  6. In the Main Item List check all items and subitems to modifiers which are sold individually
  7. In the Helper Item List check all items that are used as subitems to modifiers and not sold individually.
  8. Press Save
  9. On the station(s) being used for the Pickup Viewer:
    1. Navigate to Setup -> Local Computers .
    2. Select the Order Routing Tab and the Pickup Viewer tab
    3. In the Item Group Configuration dropdown box, select the configuration you want to use
    4. Delete any station numbers from the Display Pickup Receipts box

By Station

Filtering by station allows you to only display orders from specific stations on your Pickup viewer

On the Pickup Viewer(s):

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Local Computers .
  2. Select the Order Routing Tab and the Pickup Viewer tab
  3. Repeat for each station you wish to display orders from
  4. Press the Add button in the Display Pickup Receipts box
  5. Highlight a station
  6. Press Ok

Using the Pickup Viewer

To open the pickup viewer, press the Pickup viewer icon from the main bar inside RTS

Rts mainbar withPIcupViewer.png

Pickup Viewer.JPG

Refresh- Refreshes Orders

First Screen (1 of 1)- Multiple Screens for multiple orders

Next- Screen Moves to the next screen

Previous Screen- Pages to the previous screen

Close- Exits the pickup viewer to normal RTS mode

Completed Orders- Displays finished orders

Finish- Complete Order