Printer Troubleshooting

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Basic Printer Troubleshooting:

  • Have you restarted the computer?
  • Is the printer working or when was the last time it worked?
- Has it been moved from another station?
- Is there a feed button on the printer? If so does the paper feed?
- Is the paper loaded correctly?
- Are the paper sensors dirty?
- Is the printer an internal or external printer?
- Has it been moved from another station?
- How is it connected to the computer?
  • Are you getting an "output error" and the software restarts?
- Have you checked that there is paper in it?
- Is the paper loading door firmly closed?
  • What kind of cable is the printer using?
- Is there a converter cable? (usually serial to USB)
- Have you double checked all the connections and made sure they are snug?
  • Can you access the printer and print from Windows?
- Depending on the printer does it show up in device manager?
  • Has anyone changed any RTS printer settings?
- Are there other stations with the same hardware to compare settings with?

Cash drawer connected through USB printer to POS.

On the POS, navigate to Setup -> Local Computer.

SU LocalComputer.PNG

Under "Connections", set the Connection field to point to the connection showing under USB Active Connections:

  • Ticket
  • Receipt
  • Credit Card
  • Drawer

For the Model/Layout selection on the items listed above, set to Samsung SRP. "Save", then test printing and cash drawer functionality.

Notes about layouts: Samsung SRP series and Epson TM series are the same layouts. See Also Ticket Layouts
They are the default layout for printers that use ESC/POS printer codes.

Practical 2x3.25 and boca 2x3.25 are the same layouts, they are for printers that use FGL printer codes.