Promoting Social Distancing and Contactless Transactions

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COVID-19 has created an unprecedented challenge for our exhibitor community. This section discusses features pertaining to contactless transactions and social distancing measures adhering to COVID-19 measures.


Redeem tickets purchased online through a scanning app. Utilizing the Usher App reduces lines and ticket-tearing procedures. The Usher App is free to use.
RTS Usher App

EMV Credit Card Processing

Eliminate employees from handling customer's credit cards. Also, EMV credit card processing supports Apple Pay and Google Wallet so customers can pay using their mobile devices, further distancing from credit card readers.
EMV Information
Setting up EMV

Dynamic Seat Buffering

As customers purchase tickets, RTS will automatically add a buffer to the purchases to implement social distancing measures.
Automatic Seat Buffering

Mobile Concession Ordering

Reduce lines and employee interaction by offering customers the option to order concessions directly from their mobile devices. Customers will receive a direct notification when their order is ready for pickup, or you can deliver to their seats. Costs: $0.25 per transaction. More details to follow!

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