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==Send to Test Device==
==Send to Test Device==
Here is where you will send your messages to test devices.<br /><br />
[[File:PushtoTestDevice.png|400px]]<br /><br /><br />
[[File:PushtoTestDevice.png|400px]]<br /><br /><br />

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Push Notifications

The RTS App allows you to push messages to your patrons alerting them of new movies, special promotions or anything else you may want to send out to your guests.

We will need to setup a marketing account which should be filled out when you send in the App Setup Form. Signing in with the email account will allow you to craft and send your notification message.


To send an alert first sign in the notification push website at http://push.readyticket.net:8091


Main Screen

The main screen lists all your locations and is the hub of where you will send messages from. Select the location(s) you wish to send from, fill out the Message Header and input the message in the Message Body field. Next, click the Send Message button to send your message to your patrons.

  • NOTE: You can test the message first by clicking the Send to Test Devices then selecting either All devices or a specific device.


Manage Test Devices

From here you can add and edit the device(s) you would like to test notifications on.


Adding a Test Device

To add a device, open your RTS App and click on the location logo 8 times. This will open the device ID window.


With the device ID window open click the Copy Notification ID. This will be copied to the devices clipboard and can then be pasted and emailed or sent via text. You will need this ID which us unique to each device you with to test.


1) Once you have your device ID, from the main Send Push Notification window. click the gear icon on the Test Device(s) section. In the Add Test Device section, enter the Device Name then paste in the Device Notification ID you gathered in the previous step.

2) Click the Add Device button to add the device.

3) Repeat as necessary for each device you wish to test on. Again each test device will have a unique ID.


Edit Test Devices

From this window you can change the name of devices, change the notification ID (if the app has been uninstalled and reinstalled the unique ID would have changed) or delete devices.


Send to Test Device

Here is where you will send your messages to test devices.