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Configuring File -> Options

1) Navigate to File -> Options and select the Accounting tab.


Note: The most frequently used Version in RTS is the QuickBooks Manual Report.

2) Verify the location name is your location.

3) Set the Deposit Account to be exactly how it is set up in QuickBooks.

4) Under QuickBooks Version, select your version of QuickBooks.


1) Navigate to Setup -> Accounting -> Accounts. A blank window will appear.


2) Add the accounts that are already configured in QuickBooks by selecting the Add button.

3) Repeat this step as needed.

4) You may also edit and delete existing accounts listed by highlighting the account. Close when done.



1) Navigate to Setup -> Accounting -> Allocation This will prompt a window of your current subtotals, accounts previously configured and allocations.


2) Highlight the subtotal/item and then select the account it should be associated with.

3) Click Add. This will then add the subtotal and account as an allocation.

4) These steps will need to be repeated for all accounts that are already set up in QuickBooks.


Note: IIF is the file extension of a QuickBooks File

Viewing QuickBooks Data

1) Navigate in RTS to Actions -> Export -> Deposit to IIF.

2) Check the deposit(s) that you would like to export.

3) Select Load Allocation to load the deposit information.

4) Select Export Data to view the information in QuickBooks.