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Configuring your locations Email Settings

Internet Ticketing Email Settings

This is the email address your customers will see when they receive their ticket confirmation emails when purchasing tickets online. This email is also used to send confirmations for mobile app purchases, and to send nightly shift reports. To configure this, go to:

File -> Options -> Communications.

Email Configuration.png

Server and Port are provided by your email host. This is the outgoing mail server information and is required for emails to work correctly. See Common Mail Server Settings below.

Automatic Reports Email Settings

To send Deposit and Boxoffice reports automatically after closing the deposit via email to a designated address, navigate in RTS to Setup -> Reports -> Automatic Emails.

To add a new email recipient:

  • Select "Add Custom" or "Add From Address Book". The latter will prompt you to choose a contact from what is configured in Setup -> Adresses.
  • Choose which reports you would like to send to this email address by using the checkboxes on the right.
  • When you are done adding and configuring emails simply click "Save" to finish.


Note: If more than one Report Group is chosen for a specific email address it will send a separate email for each group selected.

Online Gift Card

This is the email address used to send your customers Online Gift Cards. To configure this go to the Online Gift Cards email configuration tab:

Setup -> Gift Certificates -> Online Gift Cards -> Email.

Online Gift Cards Email.png

Server and Port are provided by your email host. This is the outgoing mail server information and is required for emails to work correctly. See Common Mail Server Settings below.

Using GMail with RTS

Gmail may not work in RTS due to enhanced security. If the account is setup correctly but you are still failing authentication then enable the "Less Secure Apps" option at the following link. Be sure that you are signed into Gmail with the user account you intend to use in RTS.


Common Mail Server Settings

[Google Gmail]

[Yahoo Mail]

[Outlook Mail]

Email Troubleshooting

If you test your email configuration and the result is "Email Failed", pay attention to the extra window that opens when sending your test email. Follow the section below for the error you are receiving here.

Host2 2020-06-30 13-24-33.png

Authentication Failed

This error implies that a connection was made, but the username and password were not accepted or incorrect. It is very common, especially with shared inboxes that the password has been changed.

  • NOTE: RTS does NOT store your email password. If you are unsure what the password is, you will need to contact someone who has access to this password or configure a different account to be used.

To resolve this:
1. Login into the email account inbox of the account you are trying to configure inside of RTS. Do this in a web browser, just as if you were checking your emails.

  • If you are automatically logged in, log out and re-enter the password to ensure that you have this correct.

2. Update this password inside RTS to be exactly what got you logged into your inbox.
3. If you are using a Gmail account and your server is listed as smtp.gmail.com, ensure Less Secure Apps is enabled for the account you are trying to configure. If you are not using Gmail, skip to step 4.

  • Less Secure Apps can be enabled Here.
  • Click on the letter on the top-right corner of the screen and ensure that the currently logged in account is the account you are trying to configure inside RTS. If it is not, select the account before setting the toggle switch to "On".

Brave 2020-06-30 13-40-32.png

4. Test the email again to ensure the result is "Email Sent"

Bad Response Init Connection