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RTS supports a restaurant interface. This mode includes additional features to the concession mode.

Enabling Restaurant Mode

Enabling Restaurant Mode – Reserved Layouts

First, reserved seating layouts must be enabled to be a table service layout. These settings will apply to any stations in the restaurant interface.

1) To enable a reserved seating layout for the restaurant interface, navigate to Setup –> Reserved Seats –> Graphical.

SU ResSeats Grap.PNG

2) Right Click on the background that will be used as a server layout to start tabs. View different layouts using the drop downs at the top of the window called,"Layouts".

3) After you right click on the desired background, select Table Service Layout.

4) Repeat as needed.

Next, assign a default layout to prompt first for particular stations.

1) Navigate to Setup –> Banks.


2) Choose the Station number in the drop down.

3) Select the Reserved Seating Layout assigned to that station under Default Restaurant Place.

4) The Restaurant Type should also be set to Reserved Seat Tabs.

5) Save when all stations are configured.

Enable a Station into the Restaurant Interface

1) Navigate to Setup –> Local Computer and select the "Restaurant Tab".

2) Check the box that states PinPad Login. This will enable the Restaurant Interface when selecting the selling screen.


NOTE: The next time you choose the selling screen or open RTS, you will see the Restaurant Interface pin pad login. If you want to disable the restaurant mode and resume quick service/boxoffice mode, select the manger button, log in, and repeat the above steps and uncheck PinPad Login.



After logging in, the designated layout will prompt to start a tab. Current tabs for the logged in employee will show on the left.

Start a Tab

1) Select a seat on the layout.

2) The seat will turn yellow.

3) Click Open Tab.


4) A message will prompt to enter a table description. This will automatically populate the row and seat number based on your seat/table layout.

5) A tab is now open for Auditorium 5, Row C, Seat 8


Ringing up Items

1) You may now start ringing up your items for that seat. If the item has any modifications associated with the item, they will automatically prompt.


2) The items also have the option to have specialty/optional mods. To access, select the Modify button on the bottom row of buttons. For example, a window will prompt for, Add, Remove, On Side, No, Allergy.

3) If the order has a special instruction, please select the Instructions button. This will prompt a keyboard to type in the request. It will look like this when in the tender window and receipts.


4) If you have an order with multiple seats, you will select all seats in the order prior to opening the tab. The order will appear as such.


5) When the order is ready to be sent to the kitchen, select Save. The items can be routed to either a kitchen or pickup viewer.

Adding to Existing Orders

1) Select the tab you would like to add/edit by clicking on one of the seats or the tab on the right side of the screen

2) Choose the seat to add items too

3) You may also choose the Reorder key by selecting the item to duplicate.


4) The new items that will be sent to be prepared are starred. Previous items will not be sent again.

5) Select Save when done.

Additional Buttons to Note

Remove: Removes the selected item not yet sent to the kitchen

Hold: After adding an item, choosing the hold button will still send the order to the kitchen with the rest of the order but delay it. Hold will then turn to Clear Hold when the server is ready to make the order.

Rush: Alert the kitchen to rush the order

Do Not Make: Alerts kitchen/bar to not make

To Go: Notifies kitchen of a carry out order associated with the tab.

Completing the Order

To pay for the order, select the Pay button. This will prompt the payment screen.


From this window, you may complete the transaction by selecting Cash, Credit or Gift Card.

Closing Procedures

Servers Closing Themselves:

From the pinpad login screen, select "Close" and login. On the Credit Cards tab, highlight an entry and enter any credit card tips. Enter cash for orders under Cash, excluding tips.  Those go under the Cash Tips section. When everything looks good, select Close Server.  

Manager Closing Servers:

From the pinpad login screen, select Manager and login.  Actions -> Station -> Close Tab Station If servers have closed themselves out, they will appear under Closed.  From here you can verify you received the correct amount of Cash and Cash Tips for each server and select Finalize Station. If servers have not closed themselves, they will appear under the Open tab.   In here you can highlight a server, view if they have any open tabs still, add tips to credit cards as well as enter in their Cash and Cash Tips.  If you are closing them out and immediately finalizing, you can click Close and Finalize Station instead of doing it in two steps. If any cash drawers were used, it will show which servers were on them as well as how much should be in the drawer and is closed out in the same fashion.

Closing ticket stations:

You can view which stations are still open via Reports -> Stations -> Open Action -> Station -> Close Station If you do not see the open station here, you can add stations to the computer under Setup -> Station Numbers, select it from the list on the right and select Add, then Save. They will now appear on the list of stations to close. Enter the amount of cash in, this can all be put into the Checks field, or broken down by bill type, then select Close Station.  

Closing the deposit:

Follow the steps for closing ticket stations.  After clicking Close Deposit, will additionally be prompted for secure user information for sending the credit card batches.   After the deposit is closed, there will be a prompt to close tickets.  Select Close Tickets. The shift report is sent automatically when the deposit is closed, the daily ticket report is sent when the tickets are closed.

Handling Tabs in Quick Service mode

Enabling Tabs in Quick Service

To enable tabs/tips from the standard selling screen you must add both the Pick Tab and Send to the Register Layout of your desired selling station. This can be done by navigating to Setup -> Register Layout and using the dropdowns to add Send and Pick Tab to your preferred buttons.


Using Tabs

With both these buttons added, anytime you start a transaction you will be asked for a table number. This table number can be text or a number and is used to identify any open tabs. To add a tip to a tab, you must close the tab by paying with a credit card. After completing the transaction, click Pick Tab -> Enter Tips and select the entry with the receipt number for the transaction (not the table number) then press edit tips. From here you can enter the tip amount and click done.