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During Day

  • Ticket Sales Monitor:Navigate to: Reports –> Sales Monitor –> Ticket Monitor.

Reports Monitor TicketMonitor.PNG

  • Ticket Log: Navigate to: Reports –> Ticket -> Log.

Reports Ticket Log.PNG

  • Current Sales: Navigate to: Reports –> Stations –> Open.

Reports Stations Open.PNG

  • View Sales Transaction Details: Navigate to: Reports –> Deposit -> Sales Log.

Reports Deposit SalesLog.PNG

End of Night

  • Deposit Total Report (Shows sales and money received): Navigate to:Reports –> Deposit -> Total.

Reports Deposit Total.PNG

  • Daily Ticket Report (Displays Ticket sales that started during a day): Navigate to:Reports –> Ticket –> Daily.

Reports Ticket Daily.PNG

End of Week

  • Boxoffice Report: Navigate to:Reports –> Ticket –> Boxoffice.

Reports Ticket BoxOffice.PNG

  • Weekly Report Tickets: Navigate to:Reports –> Ticket –> Weekly.

Reports Ticket Weekly.PNG