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(Editing Ta Showtime)
(Editing To Showtime)
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'''Red:''' Scheduled, available for sales and tickets sold to the performance.
'''Red:''' Scheduled, available for sales and tickets sold to the performance.
==='''Editing To Showtime'''===
==='''Editing The Showtime'''===
Right click on a film and select '''"Edit"'''.
Right click on a film and select '''"Edit"'''.

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This section will explain how to schedule films in RTS using the New Film Scheduler. From here you may also add films and edit show attributes.

This section is divided into five sections:

  • How to schedule
  • Additional Schedule features
  • Showtimes New Scheduler Explained
  • Showtime Colors Explained
  • Editing a Showtime

How to Schedule Films

  • To access the Showtime Scheduler go to: Actions -> Schedule -> Showtimes New Scheduler.


  • To schedule a film, highlight a film from the film column. Hover your mouse to the desired time and auditorium. After you click in the space, select the auditorium you would like the film to be scheduled in (if you have only one auditorium type you will not see this prompt. For auditorium directions, please see the Auditorium Wiki Page HERE.
  • To open the film for sales, right click and select "Open for Sales". To open shows for the entire day, select "Open Days" at the top of the window. It will prompt to choose a date range. Select the desired date range and click "Ok".

Additional Schedule Features

  • You may drag the film block within the auditorium to change the time.
  • The film block may be dragged between auditoriums to change the schedule location.
  • Right click on the film to delete the performance.
  • If the window is expanded large enough, the auditorium will display the seat count on the right column.
  • Add films directly from the Scheduler using the Film button. Select the button and click Add. Learn how to Add Films from the Wiki Page. HERE.

Showtimes New Scheduler Explained

Calendar: Select the desired date for creating your show schedule.

Films/Clean List Buttons:


Sort: Choose to sort films alphabetically or by date added to your database.

Add: Adds a film to your database. This is the same function as navigating to Setup –> Films.

Edit: Edits the highlighted film in the film list. Changes made here affect all shows. To edit a specific performance of a film, right click on the film and select edit. See more details below on Editing a Showtime.

Hide: Hides the film from the film list.

Cancel: Closes the Films Button menu.

Show Hidden: Displays films previously hidden using the Hide function. You may enable films again from this window.

Clean List: The Clean List button will prompt a window that explains it will hide old films from the Pick List. All films added before the selected movie in the drop-down will be hidden. NOTE: The films will not be purged from the system and can be added back by right-clicking on the film list.

Top Buttons:


New Ticket Type Rule: To default which ticket type rule to use for a set of scheduled films, select the ticket type rule using the drop-down menu. This will prevent having to right-click on individual films and editing the showtime. For further information on how to edit showtimes, please see "Edit" a Showtime. Ticket type rules can be added by navigating to Setup –> Tickets –> Class Rules.

Exact Time: If checked, allows to schedule film for the exact time, instead of increments of five.

Zoom In: Increases the size of the Calendar.

Zoom Out: Decreases the size of the Calendar.

Copy: Copies the schedule for a designated date range.

Open: Opens the schedule for sales for a designated date range. The films will change from green to yellow when available for sales.

Print: Prompts to print the schedule in various formats, designated by date range.

Close Window: Closes the film scheduler.

Showtime Colors Explained

Green: Scheduled by not available for sales.

Yellow: Scheduled and available for sales.

Red: Scheduled, available for sales and tickets sold to the performance.

Editing The Showtime

Right click on a film and select "Edit".


Title: The title of the film.

Location: The location of the auditorium. The location can be changed by selecting auditorium from the drop-down menu.

Price: This edits the price category using the drop-down menu. It will change the tickets listed in the box of tickets.

Ticket Class Rule: This determines which tickets are available for purchase. This will change which tickets are checked off in the box if you change the class rule using the drop-down. If you manually click on ticket types, the class rule will change to Custom.

NOTE: If you are frequently customizing this section, please contact our tech support team at support@rts-solutions.com so we can modify your class rules.

Save: Saves changes made.

Cancel: Closes the window without saving changes made.

Showtime Amenities


Configure settings for an individual showtime, such as if the film should display online, be allowed to sell online, if the performance is closed captioned, etc. To change a setting, double click in the "True/False" area. The setting will change accordingly.