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RTS has support for your customers to be able to pay for their purchases in the App and on the RTN page via PayPal. This feature requires that you have a Paypal account to accept payments. To setup the feature you will need to make changes on both your PayPal account and in your RTS software.

Note: To use Paypal, you must be set up with a Hosted Checkout e-commerce credit card account. See our page here for information on switching to Secure Processing.

Setting up Paypal for use with RTS

You will need to create what PayPal calls a REST App. This REST App is what RTS will use to submit payments to your PayPal account.

To create the REST App:

  1. Login the Paypal Devloper Portal with the Paypal account you wish to recieve payments at.

    Paypal devloper restAPP live.png

  2. Change from the Sandbox tab to the Live tab.
  3. Press the blue Create App button

    Paypal devloper restAPP live name.png

  4. Enter a name for the App. You can call it anything, but we recommend something like RTS, then press the Create App button

    Paypal devloper restAPP credentials.png

  5. Press the Show text to display the Client Secret
  6. Copy both the Client ID and Client Secret, as you will need to enter these into the RTS software.

Setting up Paypal in RTS

Now that you've setup your PayPal account to allow RTS to submit payments, you need to give the RTS the information it needs. That is going to be the Client ID and Client Secret from above.

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Ready Ticket Network -> PayPal

    Rts setup rtn paypal.png

  2. Paste your Client ID and Client Secret their respective boxes
  3. If you wish to accept payments in a different currency, chose the option in the Currency drop down box. (Note: The options are determined by the currencies availble in PayPal)
  4. If you are charging in a different currency than what your prices are set for, you can use the Conversion Rate to enter an amount that RTS will use to convert the payment amount to the amount of local currency in your software. If you do not want to use this feature, leave the Conversion Rate at 0.
    (Note: In the RTS sales log, the charged amount will be reported as PAYPAL *payment currency* CONVERT, and zeroed out using an item called PAYPAL *payment currency* CONVERT BAL. The PAYPAL PAYMENT item is used like CC REDEEMED item to zero out the transaction to not affect your deposit.)

    Rts reciepts paypal withConversion.png

Enabling RTS

After enabling PayPal on the RTN page and/or APP, you will need to restart the internet server. To do this, Navigate to File -> Other -> Switch To -> Internet Server and press the Restart Internet Server button.

RTN Page

To enable paypal as an option on your RTN page, in addition to providing RTS with the information above, you will need to set the Allow E2E Paypal option to True in Setup -> Ready Ticket Network -> Options. You will then need to restart the internet server.


As long as you entered the account information above, Paypal will be enabled for your app. You will need to restart the Internet Server for it to be available, however.