Setting up Station Items

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Station Items

This section discusses how to determine which items will be available in which selling stations, and how they will behave in the stockrooms.

The section is divided into two parts:

  • Adding items into a station/stockroom
  • Station Items Explained

Adding Station Items:

To determine which items will be available in certain stations and stockrooms and to designate which station/stockroom an item will stock from, navigate to Setup -> Concessions -> Station Items.


  • From this window, you will have your concession items listed in the Main Item List. Your concession items will not be available in your station until you move the items from your main list to your station list. To move all items, select All with the arrow pointing left. Note: Removing items utilizes the same concept using the right arrow.
  • To add an item into a station, highlight the item in the Main Item List, then select the left arrow. This will then prompt you on the item's setting. Select whether the item will act as a selling item, inventory, entry, or custom. Select "Selling".


  • The next window will prompt you to select a stockroom. If its a stock able, item, select Stockroom 1. If the item is available for sale but you are not tracking inventory, such as a combo or theater rental item, choose "Create".
  • Repeat the above steps as needed. To save your configuration for multiple stations, select "Save As", and select the stations accordingly.
  • Configuring Stockrooms follows the same format. Select your stockroom in the drop-down menu. Move your items from the Main List into the Station Item List. This time your will be set to Inventory and Create. Repeat as needed.

Station Items Explained:

The concession sheet determines which items are included in each station. It also instructs the system how each item operates. By configuring each station’s items independently, you have total control over your inventory system.

Main Item List

This is a list of all available concession items. Items can be dragged from this list to the station item list to add the item to the station.

SU Conc StationItems MainItemList.png

Station Items

This is a list of the items in the currently selected station.

SU Conc StationItems StationItems.PNG

Item Settings

The item settings configure how the current selected item in the station item list works.

SU Conc StationItems ItemSettings.PNG


SU Conc StationItems DisableOpenClose.PNG

Disable Open / Close

Setting this option removes the item from the count in and the count out concession sheets.

Disable Stock In

Setting this option removes this item from the order stock concession entry.

Disable Waste

Setting this option disables waste for this item.

Disable Discount

Setting this option disables employee discount for this item.


SU Conc StationItems CloseOut.PNG

Close Out – Normal

Setting this option causes the close amount to be transferred to the pclose amount after the station is closed. This setting is used for most inventory items.

Close Out - Zero Close

Setting this option causes the concession calculation to compute sales as if the close entry is zero. Also the close number is not transferred to the pclose amount after the station is closed.

Close Out - Zero Prior

Setting this option causes the pclose number to be set to zero after station closing. This setting is usually used when an amount is entered into the closed concession sheet when the station is closed, but the entry should not carry inventory into the next station report, for instance a coupon redemption that is entered at station close.

Stock From:

SU Conc StationItems StockFrom.PNG

Stock From Location

This is the inventory location where the item will be removed from when it is order using an order stock entry or it is tendered in the cash register.