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Tickets can be added and edited into RTS using the ticket price category module. This will not determine when tickets are available. Please contact our technical support team for ticket availability changes.

This section is divided into two parts:

  • Adding Tickets
  • Setup – Tickets Explained

Adding Tickets:

  • Navigate to Setup - Tickets - Price
  • Highlight General and select "Edit." Note: RTS recommends utilizing only one price category. However, you can add a new price category by selecting "Add." If you would like to create a new category with the same time tickets, select clone. This will clone the settings of an existing category.


1) After selecting "Edit", the Setup Ticket window will populate.


2) When editing a ticket category, select Add Ticket and designate the name of your item accordingly.

3) Enter your price (without tax). If you would like to add tax (which will be included in the price on the selling screen), enter in the Tax 1 and Tax 2 fields accordingly.

4) Modify your ticket names if needed. Note: The RTS Selling screen allows for 7 characters. If your name is longer than 7 letters, consider shortening your name for the Employee Screen and the Ticket Print Screen. For example, change Senior to Sr

5) Repeat steps as needed, and choose Save and Close.

Setup Tickets Explained:


Lists the tickets in your database. If you are configuring tickets for the first time, this filed will be blank until tickets are added.

Show Disabled Tickets

If checked, tickets that were previously deleted will appear in the list

Move Up

RTS determines the ticket order on the selling screen based off how they are listed in the Ticket Window. If you would like for a ticket to appear higher on your list, highlight the ticket and select Move Up

Move Down

Moves your ticket down in the list. This list determines the order of appearance on the selling screen.

Ticket Names:


Determines your ticket name in the database

Employee Screen

Designates the ticket name that will appear on your selling screen. The ticket should be modified to less than 7 characters to fit on the selling screen.

Ticket Print Name

Displays how the ticket will print on the tickets. Characters are also limited for the ticket, so modify your ticket name accordingly if needed.

Internet Name

Display name for online ticket sales.

Kiosk Name

Ticket name displayed on the kiosk

Kiosk Description

Name that appears on the kiosk

Price (no tax)

Price of ticket before tax.

Tax 1

First tax to be calculated. Will appear as a combined amount with your Price amount.

Tax 2

An additional filed for tax

Enabled Employee

If checked, the ticket will display on the Employee Selling Screen

Enabled Kiosk

Determines if ticket will appear on the kiosk

Enabled Internet

Designates if the ticket will be available for purchases made online. For example, a Pass would be enabled for Employee usage, but not for sales made online.

Reward Points

Designates how many points will be earned for the loyalty program.

Enabled Web API

This determines if the ticket type will be available for sales for third party sites that use the API, such as movie pass. If this is checked, all sites that you use on the API will be available for you to determine if the ticket is available for sale on that website.

Link Item Options

Links a concession item with a ticket. This can be used to have an item associated with the ticket, or discount a price of a ticket while still reporting to the boxoffice correctly.


Choose the item that will be linked to your ticket.

Item Amount

Choose how many concession items will be linked.

Item Price Designates the price of the ticket.