Setting up your Chromecast

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RTS Digital Signage runs on Google Chromecasts. These will either be external devices or may be built into your smart TV. The Chromecast must be set up on the same RTS network along with your RTS Server/Digital Signage Server.

Before Getting Started, please verify the following:
1.) Ensure the Mobile Device running the Google Home App is connected to the Same Network as the RTS Server.
2.) All Chromecasts are Plugged into both the TV's HDMI Port and the Power Source (USB Port/AC Adapter).
3.) All TV's are Powered On and set to Display the corresponding HDMI Input Source.

To connect a Chromecast to your RTS Network, use one of the following options:


From an Android Device
From an Apple IOS device
Step by Step with pictures


Chromecast Troubleshooter
How to reset Chromecast to Factory Defaults