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Setup Checklist

This document is to assist with your RTS setup. The sections in red are steps that are critical to the RTS setup while the steps in green are additional features that are available with your licensing package. Please feel free to contact RTS at any time, as we provide 24/7/365 support

Setup Forms

Please fill out the RTS setup forms and email to our support team at Alternatively, the forms can be faxed to 707-276-7222. The completed form will be used to create your RTS database.

New Site Setup Form

Credit Cards

Setting up credit cards is an important step that should be done early through the RTS setup. RTS supportst Heartland and Worldpay as integrated processors. Note: Please contact sales if you are interested in processing with a non-integrated processor. Additional license fees apply

If do not currently have card processing in place please contact one of our integrated providers below:

Phil Kilpatrick - Senior Relationship Manager
C: 805.701.3682
F: 888.744.5545

Madison Law - Integrated Payments Partnership Manager
T: 303-362-2507

If you currently have an account with Heartland or WorldPay and need to update your account to reflect you are now using RTS, the RTS sale’s team can assist with this. Please contact sales to set up the call for credit cards.

For more information on Credit Cards and RTS see: Credit Cards


If you purchased hardware from us, the units will arrive on-site with RTS installed. Once they arrive, we will assist with setting up printers, cash drawers, etc.

If you are using your own equipment, RTS will need to be installed. We can also assist with this. However, please see the link below for reference on how to install RTS.

Installing RTS

Networking and Port Forwarding

Your server will need a local static IP address. All other POS devices can be set as DHCP.

To issue your permanent license and enable internet ticketing, ports in your router will need to be forwarded to your server’s IP address. A networking person on-site can complete the steps or our technical support technicians can assist you. To do, so we will:

  1. Enter the Username and Password into your router. This will need to be provided by the location.
  2. Forward port 2235, 80 and 443 to your server’s private IP address
  3. Depending on the network, additional devices might need to be accessed.

For more information please see: Networking

Gift Cards

If you currently have gift cards with another point of sale please provide:

  1. List of card numbers
  2. Current balances
  3. CSV format

For new cards, please contact plastic printers.

Ashley Otte

Location Branded App

Sell mobile tickets through a location branded App. Costs are $0.25 per transaction. There are no setup fees or maintenance costs. Setup information is provided below.

RTS App Setup

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is included with your license at no additional cost. Please contact our media team to start the setup process. The link below explains the setup process and hardware questions.

RTS Media Department

Setting Up Digital Signage

Reserved Seating


Online Gift Cards

Schedule Exports