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*Ingenico IPP350
*Ingenico IPP350
*Ingenico ISC250

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When purchasing an EMV Credit Card Reader, it is Essential you purchase readers through your Credit Card Processor, to ensure the reader is programmed with the proper Encryption Keys.

Wold Pay

  • Verifone Vx805
  • Ingenico ICS250
  • ID Tech Agusta
  • Mini Smart II (Built into the Touch Dynamic Quest Tablets)
  • Verifone Vx820 (Canada Only)
  • Ingenico IWL258 (Wireless)
  • Ingenico ICU258 (Bluetooth)
  • Ingenico ICMP122 (Bluetooth)


  • Ingenico IPP350
  • Ingenico ISC250


EMV is not supported at this time on the Tsys Platform


Any unencrypted USB Keyboard Emulation Magswipe reader. If you are unsure of what to reader to get, we recommend the Idtech IDMB-334112B.

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