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Here are the steps for creating an amount entry item that can be used to offset transactions:

1. Go to: Setup -> Concessions -> Items, select “Add”, then select “Yes” to the warning.


2. Type the name of the item, e.g. Tax Exempt Offset, and then select “OK”.
3. Set the Price to be “-0.01”, select the “Subtotal” tab.
4. Check the option “Amount Entry Item”.
5. Select “Edit Subtotals”, and choose “Add”, type the name you entered in Step 2.
6. Set the item as “Deduction”, select “Save”.
7. Highlight the subtotal you just created, select “Save”, then “Close”.

8. Go to: Setup -> Concessions -> Station Items.


9. Select the station number that you will enter the deductions into.
10. Move the deduction item from the Main Item list to the Station Item List.
11. Set the type as “Selling” and the stock type as “Create”.
12. Select “Save”, then “Close”.

13. Go to: Setup -> Concessions -> Touchscreen Layout -> Employee Station.


14. Select the station the deductions will be entered at.
15. Highlight the item you created, in the Concession Items list, then click inside a free space on the selling screen.
This will place a button with the name you chose in Step 2, on this screen.
16. Select “Save As”, highlight the Station you chose in Step 14, select “OK”, then “Close”.

You will now have a button on the selling screen that you can select, enter the amount you are DEDUCTING
from that station, and RTS will keep track of it. If needed, you can make a button for each type of deduction, or keep everything under the one item.

If you need to password protect this feature (limiting it to users with the ability to sell / deduct protected items),
please follow the steps below:

1. Go to: Setup -> Concessions -> Items, highlight the item and select “Edit”.


2. Check the option “Password Protected”, select “Save” and then “Close”.
3. Go to: Setup -> Password, highlight a user that will have permission to use the Payout button,
select the “Selling” tab, and check the “Protected Concession Item Sale” option.


4. Select “Save”.

If someone without the permission “Protected Concession Item Sale” tries to deduct,
it will prompt for a password. If someone with the permission tries, it will allow the deduction to take place.