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The Teemi 2D Barcode scanner is the recommended scanner for use with RTS. It can be used to scan tickets for pickup, scan ticket barcodes to void, and scan concession items. This scanner can be purchased at the following link:

Teemi T22 on Amazon

41oCw29IQFL. AC .jpg

USB Keyboard Interface Mode

There are two models of this scanner, the T22 and the T22N. The T22N is the newer model, while the T22 is older and requires a different bar code to be put into keyboard emultation mode.

For the T22N:
Print and scan the "USB HID-KB" barcode on page 7 of the T22N User Manual

For the T22:
Print and scan the following "USB HID-KB" barcode:
T22 usb hid old version.png

USB COM Port Emulation Mode

In order to scan concession items in the selling screen, your scanner must be in USB COM Port Emulation Mode. To enable this on the Teemi 2D Barcode scanner, click the below link and download the T22 driver for the USB COM Port Emulation.

USB COM Port Emulation Driver

  • After installing the driver, print and scan the barcode below to activate USB COM Port Emulation

USB COM Port Emulation Barcode

  • Please see Concession Item Scanning for further direction on configuring your reader and concession items for this feature.
  • Tickets can also be scanned in this mode, as long as the scanner is configured at Setup -> Local Computer -> Barcode. More information on setting this up can also be found in Concession Item Scanning.