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Custom Epson Ticket
Custom Epson Ticket
[[File:Custom_Epson_Ticket.jpg Frame Type:thumb]]
Custom RTS Epson Ticket
Custom RTS Epson Ticket

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Depending on your printer model there are many different ticket layouts available to you in RTS. See below for the most common layouts for your ESC/P compatible thermal printer (Epson, Samsung, Bixolon). These ticket layouts are accessed via:

Setup -> Local Computer -> Connections

Epson Tm Series/Samsung SRP Series

Custom Epson Ticket

File:Custom Epson Ticket.jpg Frame Type:thumb

Custom RTS Epson Ticket


User-RightPerf BT.native




Should you ever need to disable printing temporarily you can do so be setting the connection type of the printer to NUL

--RD Crocker (talk) 17:14, 9 October 2018 (UTC)